Anime Progress Report Spring 2007 Part 2


Bokurano * Wellber no Monogatari ~Sisters of Wellber~ * Romeo x Juliet * Seirei no Moribito * Murder Princess

  • Bokurano

I had high expectations for this show, but when it came down to the mech ‘showdown’, it felt like Reideen Part 2, this time with more pilots. Slow motion action and CG don’t look very nice at all. I think I might have to pick up Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula again.

  • Wellber no Monogatari ~Sisters of Wellber~

A princess killing her fiance sounded interesting, but then something doesn’t feel right at all with this show. Must be how the characters are drawn. It feels so…generic. The execution of the story felt lacking, it was interesting only on ‘paper.’ And the talking tank at the end of the show was the last nail on the coffin.

  • Romeo x Juliet


Does this look familiar? Kyoshiro…

Now, I actually don’t care if this series will follow anything from Shakespeare (since I’m not really into plays), but I have my not so good impressions with this show.

  1. Flying horses??!! Kyoshirou to to something was the last show I saw with flying horses in it, and it hasn’t been a good recollection. Sure it lends a uniqueness to the show; perhaps we should be thankful they aren’t flying and talking horses at the same time?
  2. Where’s that hair! I mean, Odin, er Juliet, has such long hair it’s unbelievable she’s able to hide it while dressed as a guy. (I also have the same question with Anthy from Utena.) But then I actually preferred her short hair ‘look.’
  3. And, Romeo x Zorro! Er, Odin? Or Juliet? I hope this show’s story doesn’t scamper off into different directions. It would be such a waste, I thought the animation was good.
  • Seirei no Moribito


The nicest scenery ever among the new shows

Speaking of animation, this one has the best among the new shows I’ve watched so far, and with a nice premise to boot. It’s good that the boy the female bodyguard will be looking after, is not annoying so far. There seems to be some magic involved, and I’m looking forward to nice fights.

  • Murder Princess


Bloody Princess!!

So far the only major attraction for this show seems to be the soul-swapping between the princess and the female monster hunter. I actually don’t like the little female robots posing as villains, they’re so annoying. I was rolling my eyes, ‘Why do they have to ruin this show with lolis?’ Ok, they’re not human really, but still the show would have felt better had they not appeared at all.

  • Darker than Black

Take two. I missed out on important details since I watched this raw. I still have the same reservations though. But at least I won’t be hearing ‘Naoto!! Naoya!!’-like screaming with this one. Hopefully.

My lament now is that some shows have not yet been subbed, like Lovely Complex and Terra E (if not I’ll watch raw). My only other remaining must-watch show that hasn’t aired yet is The Skullman. So I’ve decided that these are the shows that I’m sure to watch till the end:

* Claymore
* Heroic Age
* Hayate the Combat Butler
* Engage Planet Kiss Dum
* Seirei no Moribito

Watching, but not too enthusiastically:

* Bokurano
* Romeo x Juliet
* Murder Princess
* Darker than Black
* Idolmaster XENOGLOSSIA
* Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula
* El Cazador de la Bruja

Right now, I’m actually quite disappointed with the mecha shows that premiered. Perhaps I’m being too demanding that something come out with the scale of Eureka Seven. On the non-mecha front only Claymore and Hayate are most interesting to me right now. In comparison, last year’s spring season brought me the likes of Simoun, Strawberry Panic, Ouran Koukou Host Club, NANA, ZEGAPAIN, xxxHOLiC, Saiunkoku Monogatari, BLACK LAGOON, Jyu Oh Sei, School Rumble: Second Semester. Of course only Ouran Koukou Host Club, NANA, xxxHOLiC, Strawberry Panic, BLACK LAGOON, Jyu Oh Sei, and School Rumble: Second Semester appealed to me at first immediately (StoPani was a copycat, Jyu Oh Sei turned into Jyu Oh Duh!, and SR 2nd Sem lost steam in the 2nd half). So, does anyone else think Spring 2006 was superior to Spring 2007?

I guess that’s it, I need to get more sleep now. Ja!

Since I’m feeling lazy today, there won’t be any pics.


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  1. You can never judge Mohiro Kitoh works from the first episode alone. Haven’t you learned anything from Narutaru?

  2. I was really impressed by Seirei no Moribito. Seriously, I see real potential there.

    I’m not expecting anything really special from Claymore, but the first two episodes give a good indication of what we are going to get (action & drama).

    Idolmaster seems that it will be a fairly good show.

    Now, about Romeo x Juliet, I want this show to be good. I have a personal bias in that direction. Specifically, I want the story to follow the Romeo and Juliet story in a general way, which we can probably expect. The ending, I just pray that they don’t decide to have some type of mecha or flying horse battle. We know they both die in the end; so, I want that part to be very dramatic and tragic.

    I’m kinda’ demanding about my tragic anime.

    BTW, you’re right, where is that hair?

  3. @Anonymous

    Sorry, but I’ve never seen Narutaru, nor do I know the works of Mohiro Kitoh.


    If mechs do appear in R x J, it’s over for the show.

  4. Uhh.. I don’t think this should’ve been made an anime..
    William Shakespeare’s works have been destroyed by live-action..unless this does a lot to prove me wrong.. I think Romeo x Juliet will be a step even worse..

  5. “Bokurano” isn’t really about mechas. It’s dark – very dark – and twisted. It has a weird, black plot and it’ll make you cringe. Seriously. Sure, right now it looks like the usual – bunch of kids discover robot, let’s save the world, yay! Right?

    Well no. Before long, things will start to get scary… and not in the usual way. Keep watching it, it’ll be a great series.

    BTW, try and watch Narutaru too. It starts kinda like a kid’s show – and then it’s turned into the most disturbing show I had ever seen.

  6. @Lyle, shinji

    Reviews have been split on Romeo x Juliet, but the more prevailing opinion is negative. But I’d like to see more episodes before declaring anything as conclusive. At least it’s not as crappy as KyoSora.


    Yeah I’m definitely watching Bokurano, though the ugly mech still bothers me.

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