Strike Three!!!


What’s this?!! It’s a celebratory post for the successful 3rd rewatch of the 1st season of Maria-sama ga Miteru! Nyahahaha!

I don’t know why, but watching the first season just makes me feel at peace somewhat. Even at the 3rd rewatch, it still manages to make me smile. And speaking of something to make you smile, here is my favorite scene from the 3rd Marimite OVA…




I still think the OVAs are a little rushed though. This is why I think the first season is still the best of all. But then, it depends if something more interesting happens later on in the novels. By the way, Arisu is just so funny in the OVA special, and so is Sachiko running out of time for the narration. 🙂


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  1. The panda scene in the OVA was so… it just seems so random. Lol, also Sachiko’s statements about finding Yumi in the hospital, was just so weird, but I found it oddly funny XD

    I guess the best thing about finishing a MariMite, whether it be a full season series or an OVA, are the specials that parodies it!

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