Anime Progress Report Spring 2007 Part 3


Kaze no Stigma * Toward Terra * Lovely Complex * Over Drive * Koutetsu Sangokushi * Shining Tears x Wind * SKULLMAN * Ookiku Furikabutte

This is probably the last group post for spring 2007 anime, as I’ve already watched most of the shows I wanted to check out.

  • Kaze no Stigma

The character designs have not impressed me, from the guy-with-his hands-almost-always-in-his-pocket to the girl with the awful pink hair color and bangs. Smells like another generic fighting show, and I’m also watching Claymore for my action genre requirement anyway, so I’m not watching anymore of this.

  • Toward Terra


Ok, so my image manipulation was awful

The lead seems to be a an alternate universe version of Eureka 7’s Renton. The animation looks ok, the space drama feeling is interesting. It’s a weird world where you become an adult when you reach the age of 14 (if you pass the exams, where your memory is erased), and apparently it’s a totalitarian state. So I’m gonna need to watch more episodes to decide on whether to watch this till the end or not.

  • Lovely Complex


This is my 3rd most favorite show of spring 2007! I’ve been watching the raws, and it has been a fun experience. I mean, just figuring out what they’re saying is fun in itself! And I just like the funny faces that Risa (the tall girl) makes, and together with Otani (the small guy) they make a good comedic duo. It is just too bad that the more known subbers have chosen to ignore this. But I think BlueStorm has done a fine job translating the show.

  • Over Drive


Pants dropper dropped

Our main guy here seems to suffer perennial bad hair day. So it’s a show about cycling, though I’m not too interested in the sport, still I do know who Lance Armstrong is. Except for the pants-down scene, I haven’t been very amazed at the other supposedly comedic situations. Dropped.

  • Koutetsu Sangokushi


While I watched the OP, I was wondering, what the hell did I download this time? Is this of the (in)famous yaoi genre? (Note that I haven’t seen any yaoi show, so forgive me.) Whenever the grey-haired guy makes an appearance it makes me cringe. This promises lots of action, but I think I’ll pass on this one.

  • Shining Tears x Wind

I’m sorry, I couldn’t get myself to finish this one. I think that’s because I’ve watched way too many fighting shows… ^_^;



The first scene of a woman frantically running and being chased by a monster was engaging enough. However, things went downhill after the OP, because the show dragged on with talking (which unfortunately I could not understand.) Anyway this SKULLMAN seems to have these monstars he commands (I think), and why he does what does (such as wear a skull mask) I have no idea. The time period set in this series seems to be in the 20th century setting–the technology and structures don’t look sophisticated to me. So back to our story, most of the time it’s the interaction between this male reporter (from the looks of it) and this kid he saved at the train for not having enough credentials. If it sounds boring, it really looked to me that way. The feeling of excitement that you get from watching an interesting show isn’t there. I question now what BONES intends to achieve with this show. And I’m still undecided on whether to download the 2nd episode raw or just drop this show altogether.

  • Ookiku Furikabutte


Surprisingly, I ran out of shows to download. Looking at moetron’s list, this show caught my attention, because 1) the first episode’s been subbed already, and 2) it’s about baseball. Now I’m not really into baseball, I don’t know the rules, and the last time I watched a game was that series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and New York Yankees. I was really LOL’ing when ‘New York, New York’ played as the Yankees lost. But I digress. So our ‘hero’ here is this wimpy pitcher who started in his former team because his grandpa owns the school. Sometimes he’s unbelievably wimpy it’s annoying. But I’m willing to forgive him this time since this the first baseball themed show I’ve watched. Oh, wait, does Battle Ball apply? (So when I checked the year for BB I was aghast–1986!! I feel so old! LOL) I think I’ll keep watching an episode or two, then decide whether to drop it or not.

So I guess that’s it for spring 2007. Ja!

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  1. I am following Lovely Complex as well. Have you seen the movie? It is a good watch too ^^

    I am also watching and blogging Oofuri (nobody seems to be taking notice of it). There’s a hint of BL there lol, but the animation is decent and the manga won the Osama Tekuza Culture Award, so it got me quite curious. Oh and I love the OP, can’t stop listening to it. The main character is not doing much for me, so whiny. Good thing Momoe is there, she keeps it interesting and entertaining. ^^

  2. Aww… Kaze no Stigma… ;_____; Can’t really blame you for thinking about it this way (basing from the first episode). I still hope you’ll watch the further episodes and your impression of it will change >_

  3. (comment continuation… sorry… it’s been chopped)

    …coz it’s not a generic kind of anime in my opinion (seen some of the novels too and I can say the story progresses well) and Ayano x Kazuma’s moments are really amusing (one of the strong points of making me watch this show too)! I’ll continue giving more love for this anime and keep on blogging it… in the hopes that people will change their mind and love it too :3

    And, Lovely Complex and Oofuri are great shows! ^^

    I was put off by the BL-ness in Koutetsu Sangokushi… but I was amused with the BL-ness in Oofuri… hehe =P A really entertaining watch ^^

  4. I’m glad subbers have chosen to ignore Lovely Complex. The last thing the world needs is more crappy shojo.

    Skull Man unfortunately disappointed me, especially considering it’s pedigree. The original manga was supposedly the basis for Kamen Rider, king of Japanese action TV. I was hoping to see more fights and a more dynamic angle ala Kamen Rider the First with an extra insight into Skull Man’s motivations, not focus on two reporters.

  5. @Beatman

    Come on, just let us have our share of shojo. There’s enough shows for everyone. 🙂

    Anyway about Skull Man, yes it was a disappointment. And it was the basis for Kamen Rider? LOL with SK episode 1 I’d probably rather watch Kamen Rider, though the only series from the franchise I’ve really seen (an episode or two) was Kamen Rider Black.

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