State of the Proxy, May 2007


It feels like ages since I last posted…

My hands have actually been itching to write something the past few days but there are just times when you really have to prioritize real life. Unfortunately this time it’s that (almost) daily grind called WORK. How can I post anything when I’m at the office even on weekends? And when I get home all I wanna do is just watch anime.

But the most frustrating part of all this is that this month, is the 1st year anniversary of this blog, and I haven’t written the special posts yet!!! Yes, you read that right. I’ve planned for so long to write a nostalgic article or two. They’re not really that special because it’s mostly about recollections but I’m really disappointed I haven’t achieved what I sought to do.

Okay, that’s it for the whining part of this post.

So in one of my previous posts I said that I was rewatching some old series–I finished Maria-sama ga Miteru season 1’s re watch. And I was halfway through Beck and Marimite season 2 when I realized that I could have spent my time better by watching shows in my backlog. So I’ve started now on Vision of Escaflowne, and after 5 episodes I’ve come to really like Hitomi’s character. About Kasimasi, well, I still haven’t found the time to watch an episode again.

I would also like to commemorate another discovery: the online manga viewer. As I said somewhere before, it actually was the reason for the Beck anime re watch. Now I’ve added another series to my watchlist: Kekkaishi. I’ve read the first chapter, and I like it so far. I didn’t even watch the first episode of this series when it aired; now in retrospect maybe I should have.

Another thing is that I have re-read some of the online translations of Marimite. I’m talking about the ones on ziggr and the yuri blog Okazu. First of all I’d like to thank them for their efforts in translating the novels. Aside from the online manga, reading the translations was probably one of the ways I kept my stress levels from rising any higher than I can handle. Switching from ‘debugging mode’ (closest association would be to Hataraki Mode, that is if you watched Hataraki Man) to another world, in a garden of maidens is quite refreshing to a tired mind. I’m no genius, so I have to wrack my brains for solutions to get things done.

This week and next week would probably be the last stretch in my ‘busy’ mode, so I probably won’t be able to crank out a lot of posts (and even get to 10 post counts). But I’m looking forward to June, as it will be the start of the wet season here in the Philippines and I can finally say goodbye to the harsh summer days (and nights). 🙂

Till next. Ja!


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  1. Congratulations on your first year anniversary! Here’s to another year of anime! Cheers ^^

    The summer is killing me too. But, I know I won’t be too happy with rain either because commuting just seems 10x harder.

  2. @Seleria

    Yeah the rainy season brings its own discomfort but it also means I can sleep better now–the summer heat just makes sleeping uncomfortable. Right now I don’t have an airconditioner, which should have solved the problem. You must live far from the office if commuting becomes that hard for you. But near the office or not, it’s really gonna be hard for everyone once it rains heavily.

    Anyway thanks for the comment! =)

  3. Sorry, don’t know. If there’s something, it’s probably not legit. Which is too bad, since I’d gladly raid my savings if they sold a legit DVD or even a set of the novels translated in English.

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