This blog is officially 1 year old!


Yes, exactly a year ago, I published my first post. (Which wasn’t that extraordinary, so I won’t link to it hahaha.)

Anyway, let’s have the pathetic stats (as of this writing):

  • Total Views: 67,055

I have a feeling 50% of those are probably visits from spammers lol. Still it would have been better if it had reached 6 figures (but that would mean I would have to churn posts like crazy, which I won’t do). Anyway, to those who visited this site (who are not spammers), hontou ni arigato gozaimasu! 🙂

  • Best Day Ever: 663

I actually didn’t want to post my stats since they were quite unremarkable. But a voice inside said, it’s for historical purposes. Yeah, right. Like when I’m 50 will this blog be still around? Somehow some scary image from NHK ni Youkoso just came to mind. Yuck.

  • Posts: 177

I know I have to post more. There’s a lot of ideas that don’t get posted simply because I was not in the mood and/or never found the time for it, and then I lost interest. But I also know that I shouldn’t be forcing myself to post just for the sake of updates blah3x. I’d rather post at snail’s pace than get burned out in the process.

  • Comments: 530

I also would like to thank those who took the time to post something. It’s evidence somebody read the post. But for those who asked where to get downloads, sorry, can’t answer them. ^_^;

  • Tags: 39

Tags. They clutter my sidebar, but are a good for organizing.

  • 10,482 spam comments

If somehow you commented and it didn’t show up, you just became part of this statistic hehehe.

I’m quite satisfied with what I’ve done so far. Actually, I planned on a series of anniversary posts, but for now, they’re still plans hahaha.

Well, that’s it for now. (My brain’s still tired from weekend overtime, please forgive me.)


P.S. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 sucked. It should have been POTC 3: The End of Laughs. Oh I wanna cry…


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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! I’m only about three days late, and I don’t have a present.

    My blog turns the big 1.0 on June 1st. Ah, so much done…so little accomplished…meh.

    10482 spam comments? LOL, blogger makes it so hard to comment in general that even spammers don’t comment much. I’ve had only two spam comments.

  2. Congrats on the year marker!

    I’m only just starting, so I hope I can keep at this blogging game for as long!

    Keep going cuz you’re bookmarked now 😉

  3. Congrats on your blogging anniversary! I really am happy that you’re blogging, as your posts are usually entertaining and interesting to read. You know, stats don’t really matter to me anymore. Whether I get 10,000 people visiting a day or 100 doesn’t make a difference. It’s nice to have dozens of people visiting and telling you that you matter in this world, but it won’t improve your life any. So heck with the stats and enjoy writing. And just for the record, you matter to me. 🙂

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