Macross Concert!!  いきたい!


Just saw ANN’s article about the Macross 25th Anniversary concert. So Mari Ijima is gonna be there, Fire Bomber (but I don’t care), and the heroine of the new Macross series. Yes, it’s really going to be series!! Yes!!! 🙂


At last, I don’t have to suffer watching plain mecha shows for long

But what I really would want to see there is Mari Ijima performing, and the trailer for the new TV series. Looks like all I can do for now is only dream of being there. T_T

P.S . Shrek 3 was too short!! But definitely loads better than Pirates of the Caribbean.

Also, the above image was taken from Mecha Image of the Day site. Great site guys!


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  1. sigh, same here, wish i could be there. all sold out (noOO!!!)

    but really, you prolly got the ticket, if you reacted fast enuf.


  2. I think they are releasing a trailer for the new series on the 18th, so 17th in the U.S. That’s what I read somewhere anyway. At the very least, they will be introducing the new heroine.

    Remember, Hikaru and Misa had a daughter. 😀

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