Axed June 2007


Major victim in the axed block!

Totally Axed

  • El Cazador dela Bruja

I think it was that eerie scene at that bar in the middle of nowhere that sealed the fate of this show. From the first episode there were only hints of some story, but then I realized the story must be going nowhere interesting. Bye-bye, brujas. Hahaha!

  • Engage Planet Kiss Dum

Lack of subs, plus the fact that the monsters + mechs + ancient relics combination wasn’t really working wonders for me.

  • Murder Princess

I actually got the second ep, but halfway through I got so bored I watched something else. Yes, that’s how it got axed.

  • Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora

I don’t remember ever formally dropping this one. Well, now it is formally dropped.

  • Bleach

Okay, this is the major victim I was talking about. I am getting tired of all that ‘training’ stuff and new powerful enemies galore a la DBZ. Ok, it was nice seeing Rukia’s zanpaktou (or however it is spelled), but I’m tired of watching Ichigo, tired of watching Orihime, tired of everything Bleach. I’ll just read the summaries if ever the manga or the anime ends. Now I don’t have to worry about my backlog lol.

Endangered Species

In danger of being dropped:

  • Idolmaster XENOGLOSSIA

The first episode wasn’t really that impressive, but still I kept getting the eps. We’ll know one of these days once I do the hard drive clean up if it stays on my watchlist or not.

  • Heroic Age

I could watch the raws like I do with Ookiku Furikabute, but then I don’t have the will to make the extra effort to do so. Maybe I’ll just put this in the freezer, until somebody else better subs this one.

  • Romeo x Juliet

Currently, I have this lack of interest in watching this show. Not sure why, though.

  • Saiunkoku Monogatari II

Again, the subs. I hate watching the raws and then reading summaries to get what I missed. But then again, Maria-sama ga Miteru 3rd season is the only show where I’ve watched the raws first, consistently. Unfortunately, SaiMono has not reached equal footing with Marimite in my eyes. So if the current situation continues, I can make do without SaiMono.


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