Proxy’s Picks March-April 2007


Waah…so late.

March Picks

Hmm, will my country have an anime hero one day?

Something for comic book readers.

Quite a list. I wonder how much time that took.

I already forgot what this really was all about. ^_^;

Almost everybody likes to ridicule DBZ. But you know, once upon a time, you were a fan, right?

The post that launched a lot of rebuttals.

Quite a long read, if I remember right. From a Philippine perspective.

I think the ODEX brouhaha was not yet in place when this post came out. New predictions, anyone?

Mecha rocks, don’t let anybody fool you into thinking otherwise. 😉

April Picks

Hayase x Ichijyo x Minmay forever. ‘Nuff said.


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