Anime Progress Report 07-03-2007


I only realized now that I’ve been following 20 shows (really twenty!!), that includes shows started from last year and this year. No wonder I felt that the backlog wasn’t getting any smaller. @_@

And yes, it’s quite long, with possible spoiler from Death Note, if you haven’t read the manga or watched episode 37.

  • (#1) Bokurano

Frankly, I lost some interest in this one after I saw the ugly mech, but it was that little flying talking thingy that really turned me off. But I’m still getting the subbed episodes, and when time permits I might do a catch-up marathon for this one. For now, this series is not a priority on my watchlist.

  • (#2) Claymore

This one, on the other hand, is the #2 priority on my watchlist (after the Marimite OVAs, of course). I have stopped watching the raws because I already know what’s gonna happen, having read all scanlations released. It’s a waste of bandwidth getting two copies of the same ep. Anyway, my major complaint is that the animation is barely tolerable. What the heck is Madhouse thinking? I think it is a great injustice to the story that they’re not putting a lot of effort into the animation. I just can’t believe that’s all they can do. In the Ophelia arc there were times Clare was looking really ugly, and they didn’t quite capture Ophelia’s mischievous appearance. I’m not saying the animation has to be excellent a la Seirei no Moribito, what I want is they animate properly, not lazily. Is that too much to ask?

Ophelia was NOT supposed to be this ugly

  • (#3) Darker Than Black

Before this was licensed, I was already contemplating on dropping this show. The animation is loads better than Claymore, but lately I have this growing apathy towards the characters. I mean, the only interesting characters to me were Havoc, and that woman who died in the first arc (forgot her name). Hei just doesn’t look that interesting at all. It didn’t help they had to add that loony investigator for some comedic relief. No, he is definitely not very funny at all, and so is his secretary. This show doesn’t need more comedy, it needs more genuinely interesting characters and definitely more action. I’ve read the latest episode summaries on Memento, there seems to be a hint at a better story, unfortunately, my mind is made up. The final nail is the license, that means a C&D is looming on the heads of the better subbers. I certainly don’t like watching low-quality subs, and I am not willing to make the effort to watch it raw and then read episode summaries for the dialogue I missed.

  • (#4) Death Note

So I watched any sub I could find on this one. Why? Because I thought it was worth the effort to finish this series, despite the fact that I was no longer that enthusiastic about it. It’s funny, the difference between this series and Darker Than Black. I knew Light was gonna die in the end, there was actually no need for me to see it. But I was just 9 episodes shy of finishing the series when the last subbed episode came out, so you could say I technically ‘forced’ myself to watch it. Over-all it was pretty much downhill for me after L died, hence the lack of interest. Still, it’s a good show (though I can’t say the animation was excellent), a must-see for those who want intelligent type of shows.

  • (#5) Dennou Coil

The show has been surprisingly entertaining, and together with Claymore, Marimite OVA, Seirei no Moribito, and Toward Terra, are the shows whose subs I watch as soon as I can. For all that technobabble, the show doesn’t exude a ‘heavy’ aura as a sci-fi show, like say Toward Terra or Ergo Proxy (ok you could say their themes are different) . In fact, the way it is animated just makes me feel at ease watching it. It’s quite relaxing, watching the kids doing what kids in a futuristic setting would do.

  • (#6) Hayate no Gotoku!

I think my interest has picked up again in this show, thanks to that hilarious episode where Tama the Tiger just ‘does it’ to Hayate. I was really laughing hard, and enjoying it. Finally, I don’t have to get the references to other anime or other popular things to enjoy the show. That videogame episode was not really that funny to me, but now I know this show is definitely worth watching, because I never know what’s gonna happen next. I just want to be surprised.

You know this is censored XD

  • (#7) Idolmaster Xenoglassia

Due to lack of interest on my part, I am formally dropping this show. I know it’s got mechs and stuff, but it just doesn’t click with me. It now depends on the reviews when the show ends, if I’ll ever pick this up again.

  • (#8) Kekkaishi

Being up to date with the scanlations has been quite a disadvantage, and add to that the slow subs. I’m also quite surprised to realize that my love affair with this show was just a fling–you know, short-lived? Or was it because Claymore took its place as flavor of the month? But probably, the real reason would be because I ‘discovered’ the Claymore manga, and saw how awesome Claymore was. It made Kekkaishi look plain. Sorry, I really had to say that. Still, I think Yoshimori is one cute kekkaishi. 🙂

  • (#9) Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula

Like Bokurano, this show is in the freezer list, but is also in the could-really-be-dropped list.

  • (#10) Lovely Complex

Every time I see Risa now, I just really feel for her. It’s gotten harder watching her and her predicament. Please, let the ending be good.

  • (#11) Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA 4

The Marimite OVAs are unique because, I get to watch them twice: once as raws, then as subbed. I am also surprised at myself because, sometimes, I even watch the raws twice. So each OVA is watched more than once. I know I love this show so much, still it feels weird. The animation is not top-notch, there are bad sequences, the 4th one omitted some important things, I have so many complaints–like I wanted to see Shimako’s dance animated, you know, like a 30 second sequence not some mere ‘shots’. I am of the opinion that they should have made a series for this, the OVAs feel rushed. But you know, I’m still gonna rewatch this because even though the adaptation is not excellent, I just wanna see the characters I love once more, animated. I know it just defies reason. It means I really love this show, and I’ve said that ‘love’ word thrice already. Ok, I’m not making any sense anymore let’s move on to the next show. @_@

This is probably for the last OVA T_T

  • (#12) Moonlight Mile

I’m waiting till the subs finish, then I’ll do a marathon viewing. 🙂

  • (#13) NANA

I dread the end, really. I know deep in my heart it’s probably not going to be a happy ending. I have learned a really hard lesson with this show: for some manga adaptations never ever read its forum threads, especially if the manga is still ongoing. I deeply regret what I did now. You know, ignorance is bliss. I don’t want to see the end using the raws, even if I could, because I don’t want to watch something I expect to be depressing twice.

  • (#14) Naruto

I probably turn off my brain when I watch this one. It basically means, the show is not worth analyzing, just get on with the action, ok? But it’s really annoying when all they do is just stand and talk. A lot. But I have no high expectations anyway for this show, so yeah, the makers of the show are forgiven. It’s all about the $$$ for them, can’t do anything about that, and further complaining is just much ado about nothing. End of comment.

  • (#15) Nodame Cantabile

This show had a higher probability of getting licensed than say, Darker than Black, in my opinion. I am actually behind, because I kept waiting for AnimeKeep’s releases. Now I can’t wait anymore. I don’t plan on continuing to read the manga, it doesn’t help me appreciate the series more. And so, I cross my fingers it’s not gonna be licensed, for a while.

  • (#16) Ookiku Furikabutte

The only thing going for this show actually, is the fact that it feels unique for being a show about baseball. I enjoyed watching the raws, and Seleria‘s summaries helped me to continue watching Ookiku. But, this is shounen, so I probably will tire of this when it’s at episode 50. It might be an exaggeration, but the show’s watchability in the future is bleak. Timely subs help, but I also feel that this series has a high probability of being licensed. Even if there are subs, they will stop if it gets licensed. I don’t want things to end up hanging. That’s probably why I might not be able to finish this show, but for now, I’m still watching.

I’m blushing too @_@

  • (#17) Romeo x Juliet

Like Gigantic Formula, this show is in the freezer list, but is also in the could-really-be-dropped list.

  • Saiunkoku Monogatari II

I did not count this as one of the shows I followed. Why? Sure it was on my watchlist, but I never got to watch the first episode of season 2. I deleted the sub immediately, because SaiMono was licensed. No subbers, no go. I’m not watching the raws, period. I will satisfy myself with the fact that I finished season 1, it was a good show, and I’ll leave it at that.

  • (#18) Seirei no Moribito

It’s rumored to be licensed. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I truly believe this is a good show, I really liked watching even the ‘slow’ episodes. Dammit!! I won’t even see a legit DVD here in the Philippines. I am quite disappointed. I dunno if I’ll still have the enthusiasm to watch the raws. We’ll see.

  • (#19) Toward Terra

Toward Terra has been one of those ‘not really outstanding, but still a good watch’ show. It’s not epic, but still it manages to draw me in with its story. It helps that Jomy is no longer an annoying brat, and even the time leaps do a great job of advancing the story. It doesn’t give off that ‘it doesn’t make sense’ feeling, instead, you’ll be glued to it, watching carefully for the tiny bits of information, and wondering what’s gonna happen next. At least that’s what happened to me. 🙂

This scene really does remind of something NOT right lol

  • (#20) Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Finally, we’ve arrived at the last show. This show actually got funnier in the later episodes, the funniest being when Sunako’s dad came for a visit. I’m actually waiting for the last episode to be subbed, and now I’m thinking maybe deleting the older episodes was a bad idea. Although I don’t like Kyouhei and the gang, I’m happy I did not drop this show. Perhaps I shouldn’t have let my sense of ‘fairness’ to reduce my enjoyment of the show–I did hate those four guys for getting Sunako to do all the work. Even though she was the niece of the landlady. Anyway, another fun show has ended, and I will miss Sunako-chan’s antics.

Whew!! That’s just about it. There are also other shows that I am watching, the ‘older’ ones, but I am just too tired to mention them here, and it’s not really appropriate. I would to say more, but I am tired and I have work tomorrow too (it’s past 1 AM here now). Anyway, it seems another e-dorama is in the offing, let’s all get a good sleep (for those with similar timezone as me), then wake up to another day of plenty of interesting posts. =p

Yours truly signing off, ja!


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  1. I agree with Darker than Black’s seeming weakness in fostering genuine connection with its characters. I love many other things about the show, which is what keeps me watching and hoping, but it’s gradually becoming clear that character development isn’t its strong suit. This is a pretty major flaw for me and I hope and pray it gets better as thing progress. It has the makings to be a real classic otherwise :/

  2. Hmm, I really do think that arc with the loony investigator was a big black eye. Darker than Black needs to do something truly epic for it to become a classic. At the rate it is going now, it’s not likely to happen. But then again, who really knows the future? =p

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