Sayonara, Gyabo…


Nodame Cantabile might not be this year’s best anime series, but this has got to be my most favorite scene in an ending so far this year…


It really brought tears to my eyes…

And yes, one more time please…


This is an impulse post for finally finishing Nodame Cantabile, and just in case I never get to post a review. Okay, I need to go and listen to some classical music now. Ja!


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  1. I haven’t watched the anime version of Nodame Cantabile since C1 left off fansubbing the show around episode 11.

    However, if this scene is just as poignant as the same scene in the live action version then I must prepare myself for another misty eyed moment.

  2. @ojisan

    A second season? Hmm, more music please! =p


    After finishing the animated version, now I’m more excited than ever to finish the live-action show. Anyway, I think the other subber is ok, at least the translation is not crappy. 🙂

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