In Review: Gunbuster 2


The follow-up to the original Gunbuster. ‘Nuff said. (circa 2004. Rating: Average)

In this future, mankind relies on the TOPLESS (no I’m not kidding) to save the human race from the space monsters. The TOPLESS pilot the Buster Machines to fight the space monsters. The story mainly revolves around our new heroine Nono, and her ‘idol’, ace TOPLESS pilot Lark.


Obviously, the animation is better than the original Gunbuster. Quite a treat, not much to complain about.


Hmm, not much to like. There are a lot of annoying ones, or perhaps most of them annoy me? Anyway, if I were to choose a favorite character, the closest to that would be Lark.


I don’t remember much of it. So it musn’t have had any impression on me anyway.


In terms of story and drama, doesn’t hold a candle to the original Gunbuster. Perhaps the makers were aiming for something else more ‘in’ with times, but frankly I don’t know what’s so ‘new’ about it. Sure it had ‘new’ characters, with focus on the ‘bond’ between Nono and Lark (or whatever her name was). But seriously—-were they really trying to make a sequel to Gunbuster or FLCL? Or a fusion of both? Well it didn’t work for me. There were times when I had to wonder, ok, now where’s the story headed? That sort of confusion. Whereas the original was quite more scientific in its approach, the sequel had me going ‘Whaattt??!!’. Anyway, it still scores some nostalgia points in the end, because *SPOILER ALERT* we see that the arrival of the original Gunbuster pilots (they were thrown waaaay far into the future, remember?) coincides with the time line of Gunbuster 2.


Entertainment value

Now I’m trying hard to think what was so entertaining about it. Oops, can’t think of any. If you can guess by now, yes, I found it disappointing. I’m not the type who easily falls for flashy thingies (ok, I do at first). The drama picks up later in the end though. However, the unfortunate thing is that yes there is that thing called the original Gunbuster, to which it will always be compared. So maybe, if you haven’t seen it, perhaps you should watch Gunbuster 2 first. So that you won’t set too high expectations for it, like I did.

DVD Recommendation

Okay, this is a new feature here for me. I want to explain more, but I am gonna be off-topic. So basically, will I buy the DVD if it’s available in my country? The answer is no. I think I’ll probably buy the original Gunbuster only.

  • Animation at 0.75/0.75.
  • Characters at 0.50/1.
  • Music at 0.50/0.75.
  • Story/Plot/Dialogue at 0.50/1.
  • Entertainment value at 0.75/1.5.
  • Total: 3/5

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