In Review: Kino no Tabi


Take the journey with Kino and her talking motorbike Hermes as they travel to different lands and discover interesting cultures and people. (circa 2003. Rating: Above Average)


The colors tend to be on the dry side, since there’s not much need for flash. So watch in a brightly lit room (like when you watch TV LOL), and don’t watch it on a laptop (like I did @_@).


There are new sets of characters after every arc (obviously), and I can’t remember their names anymore. It’s just like Mushishi, except that Kino’s just acting like a tourist, not actually to help people with their problems. Though they’ll remain nameless to me, just like in Mushishi they’re characters that you can feel something for. If I were to pick a fave character it’s Kino herself. Why? She’s calm, has a good head on her shoulders, and is a sharpshooter. Yep, you read that right. Our girl is good with guns, a skill that she will need from time to time on her journeys.



I like the OP. Other than that not much to remember about the music.


The stories in Kino no Tabi are good. You get to see (through Kino) a lot of weird countries and people. Most of their value systems are skewed towards the extreme. And it’s quite eerie to see the end result of too much technological development serving those kind of values. At first you could say some of their weird/harsh customs are wrong, but more often than not the line of who’s right or who’s wrong gets blurred. Kino, as a traveler, has difficult choices to make. I’m quite impressed that she’s so level-headed. Anyway the most memorable arc would have to be when Kino helped some guys who were stranded because of the snow–with a sinister twist later in the end. There’s another story where Kino gets to show off–or rather really needs to use her marksmanship in order to survive. But it’s going to be a spoiler if I talk about it, right?

Entertainment value

Kino no Tabi isn’t a series that is good for a marathon (I had a major headache after I finished it). Sure it’s short length makes it a candidate for one, but each episode felt longer than it was. It’s not for people looking for fast-paced, action-packed sequences either. Just a series of stories as experienced by our traveler Kino.


A nice series to add to an anime collection. It’s not exactly that high on the rewatch potential, in my opinion, but still a good fit for those with more discerning tastes.

  • Animation at 0.50/0.75.
  • Characters at 1/1.
  • Music at 0.50/0.75.
  • Story/Plot/Dialogue at 1/1.
  • Entertainment value at 1/1.5.
  • Total: 4/5

4 thoughts on “In Review: Kino no Tabi

  1. It would be good if it becomes available in my fave bookstore–the only book anime-related that I saw was something about vampires. I forgot the title though.

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