MADness, and Maria-sama ga Miteru season 4!!!


We interrupt this weekday silence for some ‘absolutely cannot wait’ tidbit. News on a Maria-sama ga Miteru ga Miteru season 4 was posted at Heisei Democracy. This very good news just completed my day. Marimite fans, rejoice!!! 🙂

On the other hand, this person is mad–or just went mad out of boredom? Anyway, he had way too much free time, but in exchange we get to see this beauty, or monstrosity, depending on the way you see it. =p

First Video (Updated Link 03.02.09)

And another video.  I found this while looking for the updated link to the first vid.  But the guy in the first vid wins for better creativity.  😀


10 responses »

  1. Um…
    There really isn’t much that one can say after watching this…
    Except that now I feel that I’m (going?) mad as well!

  2. Oh my god! Season 4 of maria sama has finally came out!! I am totally looking forward for it. I’ve been a fan since season 1. Loved the artwork and colouring of the anime. Very nice. So excited!!

  3. but why did you tremove the video?
    and oh i’ve already watch it’s OVA and season 4 upto epeisode 8 and i can’t wait for the episode 9…

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