Perhaps you’ve already read about AnimeSeen, and I’m happy to announce that I have my list there now. Thanks Guru3!

Now I finally finished inputting–the completed series/OVA/movies at least. I actually still have a lot to go with regards to abandoned/on hold shows. (But right now I don’t like to waste time inputting series that I no longer care about, so that will have to wait another day or week or month.)

So what is AnimeSeen? To quote:

AnimeSeen was created so that there would be a clean, lightweight, to keep track of the anime, movies, etc., that you’ve seen. The idea was come up with in AnimeBlogger IRC.

I used to keep track of my finished series on paper, but it was inefficient and so I changed to online tracking via a page on this very blog. It was better but it doesn’t have the features of AnimeSeen. I’m going to keep using both, and my biological hard drive of course (erm, the brain if you didn’t get it). Unfortunately I cannot access AnimeSeen at work (for some reason the rest of the page is blank), and I don’t like logging in to WordPress at work, so I may not be able to update often.

What’s good about AnimeSeen? Well, the sorting function, for one. You can sort shows by Title, Type, Status, or Rating. You can also post links to series information on other websites and from your blog (if you have one). You can also put short, witty notes if you feel like it.

The only downside would be that you input manually, but that’s okay, I also hate the idea scrolling for entries/series names. So if you’ve watched loads of stuff, naturally completing the list would be a pain. But it demands some details, and because of that I actually found out that I had already finished 105 shows, not 100 as I earlier said in my previous post!! Also, some series I’m not quite sure how many episodes I watched, especially if they were shown on TV. The prime example would be Dragonball, which according to AniDB had 153 eps, and I actually don’t remember if I actually got to watch all of them. It was so so long ago. But I am pretty sure that I was able to finish the series.

My accounting of the completed shows was bad, though I’m not that really bothered. Anyway I also went to the extent of defining the ratings, because here on my blog I use a scale of 1 to 5. But on AnimeSeen the rating is 1 to 10, plus 10+, S, Sc, and S+! I don’t know how to compensate for it, so I decided on another system because not only would the ratings there conflict with the ones on my blog, there were also shows I didn’t bother to rate at all. So the ratings are:

1 = Do not watch this (Not yet used this rating)
2 = Crap (Not yet used this rating)
3 = I don’t care really (Not yet used this rating)
4 = Time-waster (Watch if bored; you’ll get even more bored)
5 = Borderline Tolerable (Not yet used this rating)
6 = Annoying but watchable (I hated some parts)
7 = Enjoyable (Guilty Pleasure)
8 = Good, but lacking something
9 = Very Good, worth my time
10 = Excellent, stands above the rest
10+ = Recommended Watch; Special mention
S = I am a fanatic for this show.
Sc = (I don’t think I’ll use this rating)
S+ = (I’m not using this rating either.)

As for 1, I’ll probably use it on series with senseless violence and such.

Okay, I think I’ve written too much. But for now, enjoy the list!


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  1. myanimelist has more features, I might try it out in the future. But right now I’ll stick with AnimeSeen ’cause I’m not in the mood to re-list 100+ shows again. @_@

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