Anime Progress Report 08-07-2007


First post for August! Stats: 4 shows dropped, 3 finished, and the lone pick-up from the summer season.


  • Kekkaishi

I really liked this show. I really did. Unfortunately, my interest has been waning for quite a while now. But lately I have this drive to really prioritize what to watch, and drop those that aren’t so exciting anymore. I’ll just continue with the manga then, if I get the time.

  • Gigantic Formula

It takes more than cool mecha to get me hooked to a show till the end. The problem with this show is, I don’t like our hero-pilot, whatever his name was. A story about countries warring with their mechs wasn’t enough, I already saw that with G Gundam. What else can this series show me? Aside from the mechs? Er, nada.

  • Bokurano

I hate the OP, I hate that white mascot/flying thingy, I hate the mechs, I hate the animation. And kids dying after they pilot that ugly mecha? I find it NOT shocking, I can’t find anything to care about the characters anyway. Bye-bye.

  • Romeo x Juliet

It has been a struggle just trying to finish one episode without going to sleep. I think I’ll stick with Shakespeare’s tragedy in the meantime.

Back from the Dead

  • Toward Terra

Because of Makoto, I can now enjoy more episodes of emo goodness!! And even if the guy stops subbing, I now have the drive to see the show till the end, even with raws! Anyway I already spoiled myself thanks to Wikipedia. LOL

  • Heroic Age

Another subber has picked this up, and if they continue I may well consider giving this series another try.

Summer 2007

  • Zero no Tsukaima II

The first episode was hilarious, but the succeeding ones were questionable. The story felt disjointed, and if it were a movie I would have attributed that to bad editing. Still, we need our brainless fun, right?

Finished shows

  • NANA

Finally, it’s over–for now. I’ll try to gather more thoughts coherently for a series review.

  • Code Geass

When I watched the last few episodes I finally realized something that made the show lose some sparkle. But it’s still a good show. Anyway, a few days ago my site views suddenly shot up–and the culprit? People were searching for info on season 2, and if you’re from the Philippines you probably were one of the (un)lucky ones to have stumbled to this site via Google.


Sorry about that folks, the article was supposed to be a funny piece on Code Geass season 2. For the show’s own good I pray there is no season 3. 😉

  • Yamato Nadesico Shichi Henge

The last 6 eps were good, otherwise the show is a mixed bag.

  • Rahxephon

I know it’s old, but I finished 26 eps in two days. It was boring in some parts, but still it succeeds as it is not your usual mecha show. A must watch for mecha fans.

In other news…

Moetron has posted the list of show for Fall 2007. I’ll wait for more descriptions on the shows I don’t know, but this is what I’ll be checking out:

  • ARIA The OVA ~ARIETTA – If I have some extra money I might get the DVD. If I don’t spend it something else, that is. I wonder what the story is gonna be about though. (Okay now Sei is angry.)
  • MOONLIGHT MILE 2nd Season -Touch down – Not really that sure, especially now that it’s licensed. Depends on how season 1 ends, haven’t finished it yet.
  • Gundam 00 – It’s not for the mechs anymore, I just wanna see what crap comes out–if this is another Gundam Seed wannabe.
  • Shakugan no Shana II – The first season was pretty enjoyable, I need to hear more ‘Urusai! Urusai!’
  • Genshiken 2nd Series – I liked the first season. Enough reason to watch the second one.
  • GHOST HOUND – Not really sure why. There was hype about this some time ago, guess that really interested me.

Over-all, I think Fall season is gonna be better than the dismal Summer season. Also, I may have to renege on the promise of more articles/reviews for August. I would have loved to jump into the ‘Should you be proud of watching anime’ and the ‘Anime is deep’ racket.  Sorry I’m gonna be busy most of the time especially in the second half of August, so I won’t be able to devote a lot of time to blogging.

Till next, ja!


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