Anime Progress Report 09-08-2007


Revival!! Yeah!

I have not updated the past few days, gomen. Actually, I could have updated earlier. But there was one major hitch: somehow, I couldn’t post pics properly! Perhaps there’s something wrong with my browser settings. I might have to reinstall Firefox, or, (God forbid) use Internet Explorer. Anyway the hassle was big enough to discourage me from posting earlier. I also changed the theme, but I have to do something about that header still. Now on to the ongoing series comments.

  • Claymore

I do not like how things are going. Raki is getting a lot of screen time dammit! If the writers are gonna make some modifications to the story, can they at least kill off Raki? Ok, that’s not gonna happen. But at least they should improve on the animation. The show is just wasted because of the poor job that Madhouse (or their outsourced animators?) are doing. And I was really thinking Claymore could have been the best anime series this year for me.

  • Zero No Tsukaima

I am really confused with the story now. Where is it headed anyways? It feels like increasingly random scenes cut and pasted together. Of course it’s not really like that but the story doesn’t really go smoothly either.

  • Lovely Complex

So Risa and Otani are ‘progressing’, but I can’t help but feel increasingly bored. What’s next anyway?

  • Toward Terra

Getting better and I have very high expectations for the series ending. This is possibly the only show right now where I don’t have many (or any) complaints about.

  • Hayate no Gotoku

I still get some laughs out of this. No other comment for now.

  • Dennou Coil

Still enjoyable.

  • Seirei no Moribito

As always, I’m enjoying anything this show will offer.

  • ARIA the OVA – Arietta

This was just a teaser for the next iteration of ARIA. Of course I will be waiting patiently for its airing. The OVA was quite good, but I’m still unsure if I should buy the DVD. Only one thing is for sure–I’m now craving for a President Aria stuffed toy. I’ll buy if I ever see one (if there is one).

Since I’m following only a ‘few’ shows, I got to finish two old shows too.

  • Uchuu no Stellvia

It was good, but sometimes, it felt shallow. Or maybe my expectations about this show were too high.

  • Cowboy Bebop

I realized I saw the first episode on TV some years ago. That time I didn’t know it was the first episode, the series title didn’t appeal to me, and I was not overly impressed with what I saw. Now I know the show is worthy of being called a classic, even though the show’s setting is not really my type.

In other news…

Well, there’s that piece on the Warner Bros. Pictures and Maguire Entertainment’s acquisition of the film rights to Robotech. I’m looking at this as a fall out from the success of this year’s Transformers movie. I wonder what storyline they will adapt though, as I haven’t seen all of Robotech (or at least the latter 2/3 of it). But of course I will look forward to seeing it in my favorite movie theater one day, and I cross my fingers they will not make a crap movie out of it.

The other, more welcome news (or not so news anymore, actually) is that finally we have the name to the new Macross series. It’s tentatively called Macross Frontier. Other details include the staff (some of the credits make me cringe. Code Geass? No!!! I like CG but please don’t mangle Macross. ) and the new voice behind the heroine for the new series. Link: ANN

And lastly…

I finally got to Akihabara and I got to see the weirdness first hand. I hadn’t bought a camera yet so unfortunately I don’t have pics. There are the meidos, the aspiring musicians performing (and then suddenly packing up again), stores here and there, but the unforgettable part was the guy wearing a school girl uniform. I thought something like that was kind of rare, so I was surprised. I’m sure to go back there, and who knows what weird stuff I’m gonna see next. 🙂

To end, some of the stuff I bought in Harajuku, they’re only a few but it was the first time I ever bought anime-related stuff here. I’m not really a Narutard but they looked tempting as souvenirs so I bought them anyways hehehe. Right now I’m not in a spending mood, so it may be a while before I buy more anime-related stuff.



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