Akiba Redux

Finally, an update! So I went to Akihabara for only the second time. And after a reinstall of Mozilla Firefox, I am now able to post pics more easily. =p

So first off, the RC enthusiasts do their thing.


I also finally get a better glimpse of those cosplayers. And a pic too. The guy is really wearing a schoolgirl uniform, and I assume his cosplay to be related to Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu because of that witch hat. With him is a guy in an Akatsuki outfit. They actually did a brief dance number which I wasn’t able to get a picture of.


Now this is actually from Yodobashi. The large Evangelion and Gundam puzzles were quite tempting. Unfortunately my room isn’t even conducive for such displays. So I’ll pass on this.

gundam puzzle

Gundam puzzle, framed


The Eva girls, looking at you

There’s also this:


Since I didn’t have enough nerve to stick my face and have my picture taken, this picture will suffice. Guess I’m still not otaku enough lol. Also, almost everywhere I look, Asuka, Rei, and Shinji’s faces greet me.

I didn’t see a lot of musicians today like last time, but I was able to catch this lady’s performance. It’s a nice thing about Aki. There’s always something entertaining to watch.

Look closely, I’m gonna do something!



The actual scene was funnier because the performer was using a cartoonish voice.

We now go to the highlight of my trip. (At least for me.) MACROSS!!!!

If I had some extra yen at the end of my stay here, I might buy one of these. For now, I’ll just have to be content with the pictures, and just being able to touch the container boxes. =(

Actually there were more Gundam figures, but I think I’m past my Gundam love affair. Gundam Seed/Destiny made sure of that. There were also Tachikoma figures but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of them.

And since there’s still no budget right now for large-scale anime-related purchases, I just had to make do with gashapon. ^_^;


I used some flash because it was difficult to get something decent in my room’s lighting condition.

Well, that’s it about Akihabara for now. Till next, ja!

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