State of the Proxy, September 2007


I haven’t been in the mood to post a lot for a while. It’s quite ironic, I’m in Japan but I’m watching lesser anime or can’t even get into the mood to watch some. I’m also getting less interested in reading other bloggers’ posts or even joining in the e-dorama or jumping on whatever topic is hot at the moment. I think the adjustment period should have been over; I thought I’d get more time for blogging, but I was wrong. I’m probably still confused as to what I’m feeling right now, but when I’m able to collect my thoughts more coherently perhaps I can post more about this. Yes, I think I’ll do that.

Moving on, it seems the fall season is already here. So I rechecked moetron’s list, and hashime also has a helpful list. I pored over them again, and thought hard (even though I’m getting sleepy). I’m listing my watchlist again (for absolute0‘s benefit lol). For the sure shows, here is the list, with old comments in italics.

Sure to be Watched

  • ARIA The OVA ~ARIETTA – Mission accomplished, watched the raw.
  • Gundam 00 – I might blog about this show, but if stretches to 50 episodes I might rethink.
  • Shakugan no Shana II – The first season was pretty enjoyable, I need to hear more ‘Urusai! Urusai!’
  • Genshiken 2nd Series – I’m also planning on doing per episode blogging on this show. But still I might get lazy again and change my mind lol.
  • GHOST HOUND – Not really sure why. There was hype about this some time ago, guess that really interested me.
  • Blue Drop – Another addition. It’s yuri. I read the translated one-shots, and it looks interesting. I might blog too, but I’m not really too keen on tackling 3 shows for this season. Oh well, whatever.

Not Sure Yet

  • You’re Under Arrest! Full Throttle – I saw some episodes of this show way back when AXN was still airing it. I don’t remember much of it anymore but I might take a peek.
  • Shion no Ou – It’s about chess, but the protagonist is a girl so I’m a little interested.
  • BAMBOO BLADE – It’s said to be comedy, so maybe I will also have a look.
  • Kaiji – If somebody subs, maybe I will watch too.
  • MOONLIGHT MILE 2nd Season -Touch down – I couldn’t finish the first episode of the second season. The show doesn’t seem to go anywhere, so maybe I’ll just pick this up if a good subber comes along. Otherwise I don’t think it’s worth the effort to watch the raws.

As for my current watchlist, I’ve added Bubblegum Crisis and Elfen Lied (though I haven’t updated my watchlist page for ages). When I’m finished with them next up will be Serial Experiments Lain or Wings of Rean.

I’ve also picked up Heroic Age again, but the good subbers still have a long way to go.

Other Bits

It seems that my Proxy’s Picks feature is dead. It was just too much work rummaging through all those posts. Oh well, I’ll just fall back to per episode blogging, which should spice up my nights a little more. Hehehe.

I’m also having second thoughts about this blog’s theme. Should I switch back to Ocean Mist, or Regulus, or give Misty Look another chance? The header image is also awful, but I’m not getting any good ideas right now.

And I almost forgot. This blog has already passed 100,000 hits! Thanks to spammers!!

I know that took soooooo long to get that milestone (a few days/weeks ago). But considering that I don’t post a lot, I think that’s a consolation. A very big thanks to those who have been reading this blog, and most especially to the ones who made the effort to comment. 🙂

And so ends this month’s litany summary. Till next, ja!


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