Manga Progress Report (Sort of)


Mission status: 10%

Earlier today I managed to get a second-hand copy of the Maria-sama ga Miteru light novel. I actually had bought a new copy of the manga version of the first volume a few weeks back. But I had second thoughts about getting the original novel because I was afraid the novel would bombard me with heavy kanji.

I also bought Claymore volume 3. Why volume 3 and not volume 1? Because Teresa is on the cover lol.

Actually, before I came to Japan my original wishlist was just the Marimite novels. So I just bought the one with Teresa on it just out of curiousity. Now I’m still undecided on whether to get the current set of published Claymore manga. But that is just secondary to my main quandary.

1st: Do I get the Marimite manga or the Marimite novels?

The manga is an easier read, but there’s always something special about having the source material itself. The decision would have been easier if all kanji in the novels had furigana; it would have been easier to look up the meaning of kanji I am not familiar with. The only major issue with the manga is that it’s only up to seven volumes, if I remember correctly. I can get the whole published set of novels now, and be satisfied until the 4th season of Marimite airs hehehe. It all depends if the reading session with the first novel goes well without any major trouble; that is after I intensify my kanji-study sessions. ^_^;

2nd: If I get the novels, should I buy new or second-hand?

The only issue here is price. New copies always smell good, but second-hand is cheaper and allows me to buy other stuff. The second-hand novel cost me only 105 yen. 🙂

Aside from Marimite novels, I also attempted to look for the Kino no Tabi light novel. But looking at all those hiragana/katakana/kanji takes a toll on one’s patience. Sure I could ask the store staff but I couldn’t see anyone walking near me. I was able to find the Marimite stuff because it was filed under Cobalt; I couldn’t remember the publisher for Kino no Tabi. @_@

I guess that’s it for now. Till the next manga adventure, ja!


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