Give me more time! Please!!

State of the Proxy, October 2007.

Yes, the post title sums up how I feel. Weeks from now I’ll be going back to my country, but at this moment I’m already missing Japan (or more specifically, the part of Tokyo that I know). Weird, right?

Time has passed by I barely noticed it. I came here in August, caught the latter part of summer, and now it’s autumn! And what have I done? Or not done?

Of course, aside from the usual famed spots, visit(s) to one place is mandatory: Akihabara. It’s the mecca for otaku, and not surprisingly I like the place. Especially on Sundays. If I had the time I’d be in Akiba every Sunday, but not only to shop (‘coz I’d die of starvation if shopped every Sunday). However by just looking around, observing, is fun and satisfying in itself.

Aside from Akiba, I also wanted to go to other places I’ve only seen in anime. Like the ferris wheels in Honey and Clover. I couldn’t ride one or even see one (yet), so I had to be content with the one in Odaiba, the one that can be seen from Tokyo Tower.

What else did I miss? Of course, the regular updates to this blog. Before I got here, I had lots of planned posts. But things don’t always turn out the way you plan it. I realized that I shouldn’t be too focused on blogging, and just enjoy the experience of being here. I don’t know when I can visit Japan again; and it might be years before that happens. But my fervent wish would be to witness the ‘sakura’ blooms, someday. *sigh*

I also missed the Bandai Museum by a year. It’s quite unfortunate I couldn’t make a sort of pilgrimage lol.

Right now what remains on my to-do list are: 1) to go to whatever place I can go to that’s cheap(hahaha so vague), so that I can save for 2) the main shopping spree lol. I’ve already bought some stuff but still not yet half of what I planned, and so I’ll probably be in shopping mode in the next few weeks. Which unfortunately means, the usual lack of regular updates hehehe.

I guess that’s all, gotta catch up on the fall season. Ja!

Edit: Don’t miss the e-dorama! It’s been a long time. Weeeeeeeeeeee

2 thoughts on “Give me more time! Please!!

  1. I wasn’t aware of the e-dorama till I read your post. Guess all of it is over and done with already with Nyoro~n’s apology.

    Enjoy your last days there. Too bad you couldn’t go on your pilgrimage o.o

    Having stepped on Japan is enough reason for me to go emo with envy XD

    Hope you have a safe trip back. Loads crap of work waiting for you here. Ha ha…

  2. Loads of crap work? Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    Don’t remind me of that, let me enjoy this dream-like existence a little more. LOL

    And I was so looking forward to my Christmas vacation. ^_^;

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