Anime Progress Report Fall 2007 Part 2


Better late than never.

Genshiken 2 * Gundam 00 * Shakugan no Shana II * Ghost Hound * Minami Ke * Shion no Ou * Kimikiss Pure Rouge * Clannad

  • Genshiken 2

I’m just happy to be watching another season of Genshiken, and the introduction of new characters seem to make it more interesting. I find that I can relate now more than ever, like when they were at Toyo Big Sight, which is in reality a spoof of Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba. (I actually got to visit the place a few weeks ago–Odaiba is a showcase of well-planned development.) I especially am interested to see more of Sasahara’s ‘leadership’ of Genshiken, and how the club will be influenced by its new members.

  • Gundam 00

I found this quite underwhelming. The show hasn’t really impressed me that much, or maybe I’m just tired of Gundam. None of the characters has stood out so far for me. The mechs also aren’t that outstanding (at least not yet). We’ll see later if this is a worthy iteration of the Gundam franchise.

  • Shakugan no Shana II

This series was on my must-watch list, but when I got to the second episode everything suddenly became boring. Do we really need to induct more members into Yuuji’s harem? This series seems to think so, but I say it needs more Margery Daw. It is unfortunate I cannot stomach to watch anymore, so this series is dropped.

  • Ghost Hound

I couldn’t finish this one, as I got bored. It fails to impress, despite all that hype. I dunno if I will continue watching this, as I have other shows I want to watch.

  • Minami ke

This show was not on my watch list. Good thing I watched it. It’s a funny tale of 3 sisters, but unfortunately it is more on cutesy stuff that it turns me off. But I recommend this for anybody wanting something funny for this fall season.

  • Shion no Ou

I didn’t have the patience for Ghost Hound, but surprisingly I got through Shion no Ou. Although I also probably need the patience for the subs. I like the air of mystery in the first episode, and it just makes me want to watch how things develop.

  • Kimikiss Pure Rouge

Now this was the surprise find of the season for me. The ‘brainless fun’ show of the crop, where I could just turn off my brain, ignore what usually irritates me in other shows, and not expect too much. Okay, really, I just needed another replacement for the slot vacated by Lovely Complex. 🙂

The other show whose first episode I couldn’t finish. I was interested because Mamiko Noto was one of the seiyuu, but alas I just can’t stand these kind of shows.

As of now, since I’m too busy worrying about how to spend my remaining weeks here in Japan, I’m not too keen on updating about new shows. So I guess the above shows are the last installment of what I watch from the fall season.

Also, I need some time to finish those shows I missed, in preparation for the final compilation of the top shows of 2007. I probably watched less shows this year than last year, but still a lot I guess. I’m hoping I could put up something more substantial and diverse than last year’s list. (Now how do I do that? @_@)

So, as usual, till next, ja!


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  1. If you watched Ghost Hound raw, you’ll probably get bored. You need to understand what’s going on in order to appreciate it. Good show, I should say. Didn’t disappoint me compared to Mokke or Rental Magica.

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