Much ado about Gundam 007


Dorama! (Sort of.) See here 1, here 2, and here 3. Also, does anime have to tackle social issues? Rant on!

Every now and then we get this debate about classic versus present-day anime but I’m not gonna waste any more brain cells to go into detail about why this certain anime sucks or why not. I just wanna state that I was once such a Gundam fan that friends know they can give me Gundam stuff as gifts, but my love affair with the franchise all ended once I finished Gundam Seed Destiny. And that Turn A Gundam is so far the best Gundam show I’ve seen (after Wing, Seed, Seed Destiny, G Gundam). I still haven’t finished the original Gundam, as I cannot watch more than 2, 3 episodes in a day or else I’ll go into coma lol. Anyway just enjoy the comments section of the linked posts above.

In other news, the latest installment of AnswerMan ‘talks’ about important social issues. Politics in anime? Politics is the reason I want to puke every time I read the news. So no, please don’t mix politics in my primary means of escape. Racism? Well, not much to say about that, but here are relevant posts, from a different perspective. Bush banning anime? Hmm, I think Mr. Bush still has hands full with his war in Iraq. Anime probably would just be trivial to him. In the US everyone is already maneuvering for the 2008 elections, there are more important stuff like fundraising and the never-ending debate on abortion, gay marriages, health care, economy, Iraq, Iran, North Korea…Get the idea now?



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