Name that blog!


A few months ago I had entertained the idea of renaming my blog for my first year anniversary. What (stupid) names did I come up with?

  • Anime Conspiracy – Because they all want to subconsciously program us to buy Pizza Hut.
  • Braindead Anime Blog – I will soon become dumb from watching all that anime.
  • Anime Revolution – Revolutionary! Actually inspired by Utena.
  • Anime Evolution – As if I’ve evolved into something superhuman.
  • Blast from the Past – I don’t remember how I came up with this title.
  • Anime Addict – Self-explanatory.
  • My So-Called Otaku Life – Remember that Claire Danes show? It was the inspiration. Yes, I’m that old.
  • Anime Agenda – There’s something shady with that title. Too much NHK ni Youkoso?
  • Anime Front – Like some rebel group.
  • Descent into the Maelstrom – Because it feels like that as I watch more and more anime. And also because I like Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories.
  • Anime Monogatari – Who doesn’t like using Japanese phrases as much as they can? lol
  • Baka Gaijin – Yes, sometimes I feel that way too.
  • Minmei is a Bimbo – As suggested by absolute0. But no way am I gonna use that as a Macross fangirl.
  • The Blog Formerly Known as Cute Proxy’s Anime Rants – I know, I know. Sooo unoriginal.
  • Lolis Are Cute, But I’m Cuter – This was shelved due to a glaring lack of evidence. Hahaha!

Actually I’ve already given up on trying to give this blog a sort of make-over. I guess there’s no real impetus for changing my writing style, I’ll always fail at being serious. And all I can do is just write as long as I enjoy anime (and to some extent, manga). And make random posts like this hehehe.


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  1. I used to be called “Scattered Cels”–a title of my own devising, which I thought was clever and literary. Ray eventually convinced me that “Anime Diet” was a far better title–it was far more clear that it was an anime site, for one, and was a schtick that we could use as a motif in our site (slogans like “eat it right” and the like). I think having a snappy and easily understood title is worth thinking and spending some time on. So I’d go with a name that has “anime” in it or can otherwise be easily understood as being about Japanese pop culture.

  2. @Charz
    I just realized now how morbid that title is. @_@

    It’s good you were able to change your blog’s name successfully. As for me I think I’m stuck with CPAR for life lol.

    @absolute0, Seleria
    No go. Hahaha

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