Mechalicious Spring 2008


Hmm, so Macross F and Code Geass Season 2 will air in next year’s spring anime season. I can’t wait. Gosh I wish I could just fast-forward to 2008 now. Why does time pass slowly when you’re in a hurry? And why does my internet connection get cut off when I’m finally in the mood to post?  (Cue Alanis Morrisett’s ‘Ironic’ song.)

One thing that interests me is how Macross F ratings will fare against Code Geass 2’s. I predict it’s gonna be in Geass’ favor though. But I cross my fingers hoping that Macross F will come out on top of mecha shows next year.

So, what do you, dear reader, think? If there’s any other mecha show to watch out for in 2008, let me know about it with your comments. 🙂

Macross F news (ANN)
Code Geass 2 news (ANN)


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  1. Can’t wait for Macross F…Studio Satelight and Yoko Kanno are on board! *Salivates*

    The first season of Code Geass was equal parts entertaining and annoying. I’m not so sure if I can tolerate another season.

  2. For me it’s all about Macross F. Even if the show is disappointing, it’ll be another OST on my wishlist!

    The only downside is that, because M Kanno is involved, my expectations will be measuring it up against Macross Plus. I’ll be a tough guy to please when it airs!

  3. @Sagacious C

    There were a lot of annoying parts, especially towards the end. But having invested a lot of time on it, I’m very much interested in how they will end the series. I hope they spare us from a 3rd season.


    The high expectation is not the worst of my fears, however. I’m just praying it doesn’t end up like Macross 7. ^_^;

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