Anime Progress Report 12-24-2007


First off, an early greeting, Merry Christmas! And I get to work lol. Finally this blog is alive with 2 back-to-back posts (and this is the third one for today). It’s been a weak season, but I’m not really bothered by that. On the contrary, I’m happy there’s not that many shows worth watching.

  • Gundam 00

The new pilots feel more bland than the pilots from Gundam Seed. It’s a bad sign, I wonder how long I can stomach to watch before I really start hating the characters.

  • Kimikiss Pure Rouge

I didn’t have that much expectations for this show but it’s still watchable as a high school romance story.

  • Blue Drop

This show has failed to meet my expectations.

  • Shion no Ou

Hmm, I should have expected this series to be slow. However, more interesting than Blue Drop at the moment.

  • Sketchbook Full Colors

I was expecting a little more tension from this show, or perhaps I just compared too much with ARIA. I find there’s not much for me watch as the series goes on, because almost nothing is really happening. Of all shows, this one has the biggest chance of being dropped.

  • Genshiken II

The last few episodes have been very ‘hot’, to say the least. From otacouples to yaoi, what more can you ask for? If this keeps up, it may well surpass Genshiken I (or maybe it already has?).

  • Dennou Coil

I only recently caught up until ep 22, and boy this show really has stepped up. Really waiting for the subs to catch up.

  • Freedom

What was the significance of this show, does anyone know?

  • Heroic Age

Is there no subber willing to finish this show? Too bad, can’t have my mecha fix then.

  • Hayate no Gotoku

I stopped watching halfway, perhaps I’ll have enough time to catch up next year.

  • Naruto

ISP-sama, please revive my DSL connection. 😦

From the older shows, I’ve also finished Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket and Gundam 08th MS Team, both more interesting than the original.

In other news…

I already have my own account at MAL, which right now will remain unlinked. Why? Because I would still like to direct my users to my AnimeSeen list, as it is the ‘sanitized version’ of my list of anime hahaha. Anyway, it seems I have wasted 50+ days of my life watching anime (3000+ episodes), and am very picky and stingy with ratings. Hahaha.

Lastly, I have already made a watchlist for next year based on hashihime’s post. They are:

  • Rosario to Vampire – I discovered the manga at the height of my boredom. I didn’t continue after a few chapters, but I’m still interested how the animated version will look like.
  • Shigofumi – Random pick. I don’t know what to expect, frankly speaking.
  • Aria The Origination – as a newly converted ARIA fan, how else can I not watch?
  • Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino – Young girls with guns somehow scream exploitation but I’m still watching.

Not to forget, there’s also Mechalicious Spring, which is my most anticipated season for next year.

Till next, ja!


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