Revoltech Eva 00 (New Movie Edition)


I’m not exactly a die-hard Evangelion fan, but I did not want to waste the opportunity to get my hands on something (or any plaything) like this lol. Anyway, on second thought had I seen the VF-1S version displayed I would have (or should have?) bought it instead. But I digress so how did I find my new toy, my first one ever from Revoltech?

Okay here’s the box before it was mangled.

And the other accessories to make it make more interesting poses. Now that’s a lot of hands! Connecting and disconnecting is a pain though. Sometimes I fear I could break the little thingies.

I don’t know how the face is different, but it really feels different. Does anybody know how is the new movie version different from the old series? I have no idea.

The figure can actually stand on its own, but it will have difficulties once its heavy accessories are added.

There are various poses that it can do, based on the samples at the back of the box. Click on the thumbnail for a larger pic.

I was very happy when I found out the knees could really bend. I’m a n00b when it comes to figures, so please forgive my ignorance. Since the ‘machine gun’ is quite heavy, I just had to make the figure bend so that it could support it.

Now for the right side pose.

For scale, there’s no information about it. But it is slightly larger than a 1/144 Gundam. This Eva is more flexible, and of course, it’s more expensive than Shin Asuka’s Destiny Gundam as shown.

Conclusion? I need a new cabinet where I can display this thing lol. And more mecha figures so Eva 00 doesn’t feel lonely hahaha.  Santa, are you reading this blog? 🙂


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