I know it’s late, but allow me to ramble on about my unexpected Christmas gift, and more thoughts on that far-away land of otaku, Japan, and what their version of Christmas is all about.

If you read Danny Choo’s post about Christmas in Japan, you would know that Christians are a mere dot in the population. They’re not that numerous to begin with, yet, because of commercialization, Christmas is celebrated in Japan. The focus is no longer on Jesus Christ, of course. As you would have noticed if you watched Lovely Complex (or any anime that tackled Christmas), Christmas celebration in Japan is targeted at couples.

Luckily for me, Christmas decorations were already up in November, before I was scheduled to go home. I got a glimpse of the decorations they put up. Interestingly, they’re quite lavish, without the real spirit of Christmas though.

First off, that’s Tokyo Tower. But the picture is blurred. @_@

But under it, are more lights! You guessed it, even Tokyo Tower celebrates Christmas!

They have reindeer too lol.

And a mini-Tokyo Tower to boot. I blurred the lady’s face, lest she be shocked to find her face in my blog lol. The next one is the best image of Christmas in Japan I’ve taken and seen so far.

This picture was taken inside Queen’s Square in Yokohama. The Christmas tree is decorated with hearts. You’d think they were confused as to what holiday it is, Valentine’s or Christmas. But this is the commercialized, Japanese version of Christmas, like it or not.

So how was Christmas for me? Well, on the eve of Christmas I had no internet connection, and because of that I got to write a draft of an emo post. Whether it gets posted here or not depends on my mood at the time of editing. Should I post, or not? That is the question.

So since I was in a not-so-jolly mood, I decided it was time to rewatch some cheerful anime series. To my horror, I only had a few shows with not-so-heavy themes. I didn’t feel like popping in School Rumble though, and I’ve already rewatched the first episode of Honey and Clover a few days back, and was not in the mood for H&C. I finally settled on Ouran High School Host Club. I watched a few episodes, and like magic, I was in a better mood. Speaking of mood, it seems that there are fewer firecrackers for each succeeding Christmas. An interesting observation, but I digress.

Unfortunately, the rewatch also made me realize that rewatchability should play a factor in choosing my top anime for 2007. Because of that, I’ve been in a bind on who to crown as my most favorite/best anime of 2007. So the post will be delayed some more.

Lastly, my unexpected Christmas gift? Guys from my ISP fixed my internet connection! Finally, it had become a fitting gift for an otaku at Christmas day. 🙂

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the holidays, ja!


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