Reflections on 2007 and beyond


Looking back, 2007 was a mix of breaks and missed opportunities. It was a year that passed by seemingly fast, even though there were moments as if time stood still.

At the beginning of the year, I was struck by a blogging lethargy. Part of it was caused by crappy internet connection, and part of it was because of work. When you work in an industry as fast-paced as information technology, time is always seemingly lacking. Projects and tasks are not finished according to schedule, and thus people are driven to the last resort: overtime. I would like to expound on this more, but this is an anime blog. Next paragraph please.

A year before, 2006, I had grand plans on what to post on this blog. But plans don’t always translate into action. The plan of a month-long series of anniversary posts never came to fruition. Drafts of series reviews that were never finished. The dive back to per-episode blogging that was shelved because of lack of enthusiasm and time. Ideas that just stayed where they were, on a piece of paper, on a text file that would be opened, closed, opened again, closed again. Never polished, never finished, never posted.

And then I went to Japan.

Frankly, I thought I’d have more time to blog. However, somewhere along the way, I decided that sightseeing >> anime >> blogging. So out goes the blogging schedule. I’m still wondering what did happen, was I just too incompetent at time management? I spent 3 months there and all I posted about it can be counted on less than ten fingers. But still I immensely enjoyed my stay there, even though now everything felt like it was so long ago.

For most of the year, though, one thing has been weighing heavily on my mind: does anime have a place in my future? I was pretty sure this blog would be around for 2007, but could it survive 2008? Or beyond it? Would I still have the enthusiasm to carry on with anime and blogging it as my hobby, knowing fully well that I am not getting any younger, and that my responsibilities can only grow? Is the time I spend on anime and blogging really worth it? Will the day come that I will decide to move on?

Only my future self knows, I guess.


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  1. as long as it stays in the pleasure industry (i.e. entertainment, not that kind of pleasure) which is the current largest, most lucrative industry in the world, it will survive (in a sense, as long as “it is good for you as it is for me”)

    unfortunate or fortunately…

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