On weird taste and anime


How do you define weird taste?

As I was working on my year-end rankings post of 2007, I came across old comments on my 2006 rankings post. I noticed 2 people had commented my taste in anime as weird. And it felt weird (I mean the comments). If I were to classify weird tastes, the darker side of the anime world would have to be it. You know, the H-thingy and its sub-genres.

However, strictly speaking, as anime is obviously a Japanese product, the H-thingy wouldn’t be weird for them. It’s really just a part of the anime industry. Yaoi, yuri, these would also be weird from a conservative standpoint. But from an otaku’s point of view, it’s not really that weird at all.

Personally, I’ve always thought of my choices in the 2006 rankings as a sign of variety–the reflection of my interests having expanded from just watching mecha and shounen shows to include shoujo, sci-fi, slice of life, etc. Because of that, the weird tastes comment really baffles me. Is it really that weird? Or will I have to wait another year before I realize something else? 🙂

Anyway, since the links on my browser are starting to look like they’re dancing (it’s 3 AM already in this 3rd world country), I’ll probably be able to post the 2007 rankings later in the evening, or early 2008 lol. All that’s left are the screenshots to break the monotony of text–I managed to write longer descriptions, an improvement over last year’s hehehe. Till then, ja!


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  1. Meh, I’d rather classify your tastes as “unusual”, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, it’d be quite boring if everyone liked the same shows. 😉

  2. @deliteraireaffaire

    I really was wondering what made it weird. I look at other blogs and I haven’t seen anybody been said to as having weird taste hehhe.


    Which one? 🙂

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