Hard to finish, or just plain boring?


Some old shows are just so hard to watch marathon-style. Sigh. Anime Progress Report 01-02-2008.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam

Stuck at episode 19. It’s really boring, I can’t imagine how it got so popular now. I can’t seem to get past 2 episodes per viewing session. On the other hand, when I rewatched the first 4 episodes of SDF Macross, it seemed like time just flew. Must be because Macross had great background music to make the sequences more interesting. I will definitely celebrate if I ever get to finish MSG.

  • Paranoia Agent

Stuck at episode 6. The part where the investigators had to role-play a video game almost turned me off the show. Shows like these are definitely not my favorite type.

  • Giant Robo

Stuck at episode 1. I didn’t know that each episode was almost an hour long. Actually I had seen a part of Giant Robo a long time ago on VHS, and it looked okay. But fast forward to the 21st century, and my tastes really have changed. Anything that looks too childish begins to turn me off now it seems. The animation style simply doesn’t appeal to me anymore, and neither does the story. To think that I actually devised a strategy to conquer this show: 1 episode per day and I’d be finished in no time. Unfortunately, my willpower seems to have left me when it came to the time to watch lol.

As for the other recent shows, they’ll just have to wait for the end of the month for the next rankings post. It’s still too early for the 2008 rankings, so it will be a while. Anyway, I still have to catch up on my backlog of Gundam 00 and Hayate no Gotoku!

Till next, ja!


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  1. I love Giant Robo, though it’s kind of a MANLY love for all things cool, action-packed and over the top, and given your relatively low ranking of Gurren Lagann, this is probably a sign that this type of thing just isn’t for you.

    Also, if you haven’t yet given up hope in Mobile Suit Gundam, try to the three compilation movies instead. Surprisingly, they are actually quite good (with the first movie being the worst, but it gets a lot better once the plot kicks in). IIRC, the Gundam TV series originally failed on Japanese TV, but later became popular due to the theatrical movies condensing the story and airing in cinemas.

  2. @bateszi

    >>Giant Robo

    It took me a while to enjoy Gurren Lagann, but in the end the show really did win me over. It was fun but at times there’s just too much testosterone lol. But Giant Robo, well, it remains to be seen, I haven’t watched 2nd ep yet.


    Unfortunately I don’t have the movies, and my connection isn’t stable enough right now to ‘get’ those. But I’m already at 19 so, there’s no turning back, I have to finish it, no matter how long it takes. 🙂

  3. Giant Robo is easily one of my top three favourite anime of all time. Don’t give up on it too easily! The first episode, long it may be was mostly just establishment of the settings and main players. From the 2nd episode onwards, things kick into overdrive all the way to the end, as well as overturning alot of things you think you know from the 1st episode alone. I admit due to its length per episode, it may not be advisable to watch several episodes in one sitting. I prefer to watch Giant Robo over a period of a few days, allowing myself to slowly savor the series.

    As for its art style, personally I cannot imagine the show being drawn any other way. Its pulpy retro science fiction story necessitates an equally retro art style.

  4. “and given your relatively low ranking of Gurren Lagann, this is probably a sign that this type of thing just isn’t for you.”

    I cant say for the hayase, but i love GR and cant help but be indifferent to GL, because of ugly designs, pointless machismo, and unchangeable Gainax trademark animation style…and i just cant let Gainax have the respect i had for it before, before the He is My Master crap.

  5. I didn’t like the RPG section of Paranoia Agent either – it felt really out-of-place and unecessary. If it’s any consolation the show gets back to its mindbending self after that point so I’d say it’s worth sticking with, especially if you enjoy Satoshi Kon’s other stuff.

  6. @Primeparadigm, Karry

    Hmm, looks like I may need to finish GR in the first half of this year after lol. I’ve already started on another series, Planetes, and too many unfinished shows isn’t gonna be good.

    @concretebadger, wriXeL

    PA is pretty slow-paced, but at least I only have less than 10 episodes to go now, unlike Mobile Suit Gundam @_@

    Paprika was Satoshi Kon’s right? I liked that movie too.

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