Rankings galore


I’m terribly bored today, so you get a post on the rankings of 2007 anime. Surprisingly I’m not in the mood to marathon anime, even though today is the last day of vacation for me.

How did your favorite anime fare?

This is a mini-compilation of rankings from bloggers on Anime Nano and AnimeBlogger antenna. If your blog is not there, sorry couldn’t find it. And I only included those blogs that had posted numerical rankings, or posted their best anime for the year 2007, limited to the top 5 only. Just think of it as trivia lol.

1. Gurren Lagann, 2. Dennou Coil, 3. Toward Terra, 4. Death Note, 5. Baccano

1. Bokurano, 2. Kaze no Shoujo Emily, 3. Toward Terra, 4. Les Miserables – Shoujo Cosette, 5. Baccano

1. Code Geass

1. sola, 2. El Cazador, 3. Spider Riders

1. Code Geass

1. Gurren Lagann, 2. Seirei no Moribio, 3. ef, 4. umisho, 5. Minami ke

1. Potemayo, 2. Hayate no Gotoku!, 3. Sketchbook Full Color’s, 4. Nodame Cantabile, 5. Lovely Complex

1 Byousoku 5cm, 2. ef, 3. Blue Drop, 4. Lucky Star, 5. Touka Gettan

However, according to hundreds of thousands of Japs they think these are the top anime of 2007:

1 – sola
2 – Lucky Star
3 – Katei Kyoshi Hitman Reborn
4 – Ookiku Furi Kabutte
5 – Higurashi

Tastes really do vary.

In case you’re curious, my top five: 1. Toward Terra, 2. Nodame Cantabile, 3. Dennou Coil, 4. Code Geass, 5. NANA.


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