Lazy days are here again


Celebrating the successful rewatch of the first season of Honey and Clover.

It’s really an indication of how the current season sucks if I preferred rewatching old shows instead of looking at what’s new.

Right now it feels like deja vu, when last year this was the exact period in time where I kind of lost some feeling for blogging. I’m also whining about how my DSL connection sucks, but in the end I’d still be going with the same provider because it is the cheaper one. Not much choice in a Third World country, really.

One thing about H&C rewatch, is that the show was still as funny as ever. In the past I was very puzzled why some of the people whom I recommended watching it didn’t find the show funny. The show is a masterpiece, dammit.  But people have different tastes, and I can only respect that.

Much like Takemoto went on his journey because of the stress, maybe I did the rewatch because I’m going through some myself. It’s always soothing to revisit a good show, and try to escape from the pressures of real life. However, slice-of-life shows might not be a good idea for it every time. Why? Precisely because it is a slice-of-life show. You never know what the next scene will remind you of, reliving the past that you so wanted to bury at the bottom of the memory bin. Or perhaps some realization, like your life sucks or you’re actually going nowhere.

Anyway, I also couldn’t help but be more attentive to some of the details in the show this time. Was that the Kasai-rinkai ferris wheel?! That’s Cosmo Clock 21!! Really, because the Diving Coaster Vanish is there! And that’s definitely Tokyo Tower! Yup, reminiscing like that. I was actually also on the lookout for places I’ve been to, and along the way, I also found new places that I’d like to go to. That is, if ever the time comes I can get back to Japan. Which is a longshot. LOL

I also got to appreciate the OP and ED more, especially the 2nd OP sequence. I was actually wondering what that dog was doing there, and finally I realized it was the dog that Hagu sometimes has with her. You could say how could I not notice it, but in the past I never really bothered to watch the OP and ED sequences of most anime. I try to correct that nowadays.

Eventually, I would have to conclude with my impressions on the Honey and Clover drama adaptation: it SUCKS. Especially the actress portraying Hagu–her smile is so fake I cringe every time I see it. I could have forgiven that actually, but the story in the live action adaptation was so mangled at times I wondered if I really was watching Honey and Clover.

The only good thing about this adaptation was Ikuta Toma. He was already quite good in his monologues in HanaKimi, and I guess maybe the role of Takemoto really should suit him fine. Too bad the adaptation is awful. I only got halfway through the 2nd episode, when I decided I couldn’t take any more of it and just stopped watching.

Maybe I should spend the freed up time studying more Japanese, eh?  Or posting more, lol.


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  1. aside from variety of tastes, another factor that hinders someone from fully seeing a masterpiece out of a show is… their “eyes” (and heart?). At times, it takes some level of immersion, to be able to appreciate an anime, for all that it’s worth. Something I realized recently… :3

  2. @setsukyie
    Yup, the outcome of the adaptation really sealed the anime’s greatness.
    What we may label as ‘eyes’ may just be how the person perceives what he/she is watching/seeing. As to that level of immersion, the person probably decides how much to ‘invest’ depending on his perception. Hmm, this looks like something we could go deeper into…
    I haven’t watched Tokyo Marble Chocolate yet, and partly because the reviews I read weren’t all glowing. I’ll put it in the queue now. 🙂

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