Anime Progress Report 02-13-2008


Mnemosyne, Hakaba Kitaro, etc.

  • Mnemosyne

– The thing that attracted me first to Mnemosyne was the name Mamiko Noto. (So it does seem like I am starting to care about seiyuus now hehehe.) Despite the breasts, the blood and the gore, I was willing to watch the show with an open mind. Except, that that ‘piercing’ session (read: torture session) was on the ‘danger zone’ of unacceptable viewing fare. The fact that Rin (Mamiko Noto) is an immortal seems to be a license to brutalize her deaths. The ED doesn’t help assuage my fears that I might not be able to tolerate more of that said violence either. On the other hand, it’s just the first episode and some things are still a mystery–the story so far really drew me in. So everything depends now on the second episode–if I see nothing else interesting in the story then perhaps I should drop it and watch Shigurui instead.

shinjuku station
For trivia, this eye-like weirdness can really be seen at Shinjuku station
  • Hakaba Kitaro

– The show did have a kind of not-crap feel to it, but I’m not too excited with the atmosphere of the show. I guess it doesn’t cater to my taste–the show I really liked that involved ghosts and other beings was Ghostbusters lol.

Other series:

  • Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino

– Vastly inferior to the original, but can’t bring myself to drop it. It certainly helps that I haven’t read the manga and it has enabled me to lower my expectations. Problem solved.  The only thing that makes this bearable to watch is that I want to see more of Triela.

  • Kimikiss Pure Rouge

-There are times when I wonder why I am watching this show. There are times I hate looking at the characters doing what they do. Anyway when the show is over I’ll look back and maybe I’ll find out what drew me to this show that I wouldn’t normally watch otherwise.

  • ARIA the Origination

– Still beautiful as ever, and I have gotten used to watching the raws now. I can get like 60% of the dialogue, and it’s nice to watch without having to constantly look at the subtitles. It is the best show to have come out of the winter season for me.

  • Persona Trinity Soul

– This show isn’t crap, but I’ve actually grown tired of it. The 3 brothers and the rest of the cast are so bland it’s a miracle I got thru 5 episodes. Kiba was way better since I got to episode 25 lol.

  • Shion no Ou

– Still enjoyable, I don’t know why because I really don’t understand the shougi. The reactions of the characters are actually the only cues I get as to the ‘state’ of the game. And Nikaido and Saito give me more reason to watch as the show goes on. 🙂


  • Ghost in the Shell SAC 1st and 2nd GIG

– Yup, I’m that bored of the shows currently airing (except Aria and Shion no Ou). I managed to watch most of the episodes, and I think this is the third time I’ve watched the 2 seasons of GITS SAC. After the repeat viewings I get the feeling of a deeper understanding of the show. And then when the time comes to really write something I’m at a loss for words. But I’m not rewatching Solid State Society because I think it sucks (or actually doesn’t meet my standard of what a GITS movie SAC movie should be).

  • Macross

– Another classic I don’t mind watching again even though my eyes hurt as they go dry. Still, not as determined enough to write fangirling posts as I frequently do with Honey and Clover.

In other news…

Why oh why did Danny Choo not go to Akiba while I was still in Japan? I was there on many weekends. Could have been another great photo opportunity. *Sigh*


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