Most expensive purchase so far: Yamato VF-1A Valkyrie


Yup, a 1/48 VF-1A Valkyrie, Maximilian Jenius’ plane, DYRL version.

My love for Macross translated into a loss of a few thousand bucks–not something to be proud of. I actually wanted Roy Fokker’s Valkyrie but it was gone the day I finally got over my unwillingness to part with my yen. But I’m not really a fan of Ichijo as a pilot so Max’s plane was fine with me. So here it is in Fighter mode.


There’s a cockpit and a little pilot figure too for a more realistic feel.


Transforming into Gerwalk mode wasn’t really difficult. It’s my favorite transformation. It really looks cool. I still didn’t put on the stickers. Maybe when I finally get to buy a cabinet big enough to display this toy.


Now comes the hardest part–the transformation to Battroid mode. Even though there was a manual, the thought of breaking my most expensive toy was enough to have me sweating bullets. Thankfully I found some tutorials online that ‘encouraged’ me to finally make the transformation. But one of the most annoying things that happened was that the heat shield kept coming off. However the feeling of satisfaction is indescribable. It is now the greatest addition to my very small collection of mecha figures. And I just looove the way it towers over the Eva and Gundam. 🙂


Come to think of it, my most expensive anime-related purchases (aside from manga) center around mecha anime. This DYRL music CD is the second most expensive purchase after the VF-1A.


The next one would be the EVA-01 from Revoltech.


Collecting these figures is not really that bad but I don’t have much space where I can display them. Perhaps when I become filthy rich? I could buy a ton of figures hahaha 😀


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  1. As much as I’d like to say “Heh, I’m too mature and cool for toys,” it only took one look at that Valkyrie for me to sit up and say “Holy ***! I want one of those!!!11!!eleven!” That OST looks stunning as well. Yeah, I’m jealous!

    “…And I just looove the way it towers over the Eva and Gundam…”

    Maybe it’s my Macross fanboy nature talking here, but Macross will ALWAYS tower over Eva an Gundam. Always. 😛

  2. @concretebadger

    Hey, I didn’t know you were a Macross fanboy =p

    About the OST, well, the instrumentals in DYRL were beautiful. But I would have preferred Macross Complete. Unfortunately it never really dawned on me that I should have bought it while I was in Japan. Oh well, at least I got my valk. 🙂

    @Kenny Liu

    Unfortunately it is not metal diecast. It’s plastic. If it were metal it wouldn’t be flexible enough for me to transform it. If there was one it would have been probably too expensive for me anyways. ^_^;

  3. WOW!! COOL !! o.O!
    where did you get it? can you link the website?
    haha its really awesome how it towers over the Eva and Gundam.

    the gundams in “Kidou_Senshi” looks cool. I wouldn’t mind getting those.

  4. @wriXeL

    Actually I bought this one in Akihabara. And if you go to Yodobashi tons of Gundam figures will make you drool (or faint? lol). Anyway I like Valkyries better than Gundams because of the transformation capability. On the other hand, assembling the Gundam is so easy and not as difficult as with the transformable Valks.


    I also should have bought that Revoltech Valk ^_^;

    By the way, how’s Osaka? I also hope to read about your purchases there. 🙂

  5. @hayase, unfortunately im nowhere close to Akihabara… i’m stuck in NYC.

    i’ll have to make due and but it at insanely high export prices =[

    thanks for the heads up though!

  6. @kpimmel

    Good luck! (And bring lots of cash lol)


    The manufacturer, Yamato, has a US store.
    This is their website:
    Unfortunately they don’t seem to have valkyries (but it is shocking that they have ugly Votoms figures–sorry Votoms fans but that’s my impression). Maybe you can inquire from them.

    Anyway, good luck on the valkyrie-hunting!

  7. Man, with those images you made me want to look trough all my old trash to see if I could find the only Macross related toy I bought, atleat I think I bought one plane, the skull leader plane. But I´m not sure right now.

    Excuse me while I go and ask my parents and start brainstorming to wether I bought that toy or not.

  8. >>Man I must be sleeptyping some times.

    Must be your subconscious at work lol

    And lucky you, you got the skull leader plane, I wanted one too. In retrospect, if I had bought Ichijo’s plane I’d have acquired a skull leader plane. But I was too picky that time–I wanted Roy’s name on the box and not Ichijo. Silly me.

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