My Top 3 Anime for 2008 v1.0

First rankings post for 2008, and my watch list for spring 2008. And why top 3? Because there were no other shows currently being watched eagerly.

1. ARIA the Origination – It just keeps getting better and better with each episode. How can I complain?

2. Shion no Ou – I never anticipated this show would get me so hooked. But Saito with Hani-meijin just makes me a little uneasy. Eww, bad thoughts go away! :p

3. Kimikiss Pure Rouge – There are a lot of times I question myself: why am I watching this show with generic-looking characters? I had entertained the idea of dropping it. But when Futami said ‘I’m not crying.’ although she obviously was, that made me cast away the thought of dropping Kimikiss. The scene was hilarious.

On hiatus:
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – Just 10 episodes more and I’m done.
Gundam 00– Need to marathon this.
Hayate no Gotoku – Need to marathon this.
Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino – No new subbed episodes.
Mnemosyne– No new episodes.

Hakaba Kitaro
Persona Trinity Soul

To pick up:
Shigofumi, Ghost Hunt,Saiunkoku Monogatari 2,Ookiku Furikabutte

Thanks to psgels and moetron I now have a list of shows to check out for the next big anime season.

  • Bus Gamer – Hmm, key words are ‘corporate secrets’ and ‘gambling.’ Maybe you could add ‘potential appearance of bishies.’ [03/14]
  • Macross Frontier – My most anticipated show of the year! [04/03]
  • Nijuu-Mensou no Musume – Something about a female thief. Well, the girl doesn’t look too generic at all.
  • Allison to Lillia – Key words are ‘treasure’, ‘war’, and ‘mangaka of Kino no Tabi.’ [04/03]
  • Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion II – I need to see more Lelouch. [04/06]
  • Soul Eater – Bones? I guess watching the 1st ep won’t hurt.[04/07]
  • Vampire Knightmaya has been raving about this for quite a while and the key word here is ‘vampire.’ I hope the adaptation doesn’t ‘suck’, though. [04/07]
  • Himitsu Top Secret – The title itself is redundant, but catchy. But I’m watching it for the sci-fi.[04/08]
  • Library Wars – Production I.G. Sci-fi. Isn’t that enough reason to watch?
  • Crystal Blaze – ‘Adult-oriented mystery-story is set in New York’. Adult-oriented just reminds me of Mnemosyne but mysteries are for the curious and I am curious about how this will turn out.[04/17]
  • Real Drive – Production I.G and Masamune Shirow? I’m in.
  • xxxHolic: Tsugi – Watanukiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! ‘Nuff said. [04/2008]

Well, it’s going to be a busy April for me and that’s why I’m gonna go full blast on catch-ups. I’ll also try to ease up on the post backlogs. Till next post, ja!


8 thoughts on “My Top 3 Anime for 2008 v1.0

  1. 1. I never heard of Aria, is this a continuation of “ARIA the animation” ? if so im SOLD =D.
    2+3. Havent heard of both but I’ll check them out.

    Gundam 00 – is actually pretty good once you get into it. its hard to get into the political stuff but once you do its awesome.

    I like Mnemosyne, its different and a bit edgy…

    I am contemplating dropping Persona as well… I started it cause I really liked the game, but the anime seems to be dragging on…Ill give it a couple more episodes.

    FYI I started Ghost Hunt…and couldn’t get past 5 mins… might just be me though.

    Wow April is going to be busy for both of us! =D. Im really looking forward to Code Geass!!! Suzaku!! Nanalyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Cool post, nice to know what others are watching ^^.

  2. >>never heard of Aria, is this a continuation of “ARIA the animation” ?

    Sorry, I was too lazy to write it as ‘ARIA the Origination.’ It is the sequel to ‘ARIA the Natural’ which was the sequel to ‘ARIA the Animation.’ And you should watch this one because this is probably the last ARIA series–it will probably end according to the way ARIA ended in the manga.

    >>Gundam 00

    I got bored after 3 or 4 eps but there will be a catch-up marathon this week. I just can’t seem to say no when it’s mecha. @_@

  3. I’m totally enjoying Shion no Ou. I even gave in to blogging it when I wasn’t really planning to since I just had to say something about each episode. LOL.

    I’m really not a big fan of horror/supernatural at all, but I tried Ghost Hunt and liked it. I thought it was pretty good, overall. As I watched the episodes, it had some funny bits that made the scaredy cat in me go away now and then. I got stalled in file 2 for a while because it freaked me out and shook me up quite a bit, but managed to finish the series. *whew* xD

    With regard to the Spring ’08 season, ep 1 of Bus Gamer is the only one I’ve seen so far, I kinda liked it (although I find one of the guys a bit annoying. Haha). It’s only 3 episodes long so it’s not such a drag to see. Will check out Nijuu, Vampire Knight, Library Wars, Real Drive, a few of the love comedies, and several other titles. As usual, like everyone else, drop-or-continue-watching decisions depend on the first couple of episodes. =D

    PS: If ever I made a double post by accident, kindly delete the other one. Sorry. >_<

  4. I don’t think you made a double post. =)

    >>like everyone else, drop-or-continue-watching decisions depend on the first couple of episodes. =D

    What is hard about spring 08 is that there’s too many interesting shows–like I counted 17 in my watch list! Frankly I don’t think I can follow that many shows till the end, so some will have have to go. One of the victims is Bus Gamer–and I haven’t even seen it yet ^_^;

  5. I recommend (highly!) that you rewrite your list! There’s been a lot of good anime airing lately, and I’m sure Kimikiss isn’t as good as them.

    (Hint hint: Toradora)

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