Blame it on the Kin of the Stars


State of the Proxy, April 2008.

It’s been almost two weeks since I posted. What’s happened? Read on.

Thankfully March is long over, and so is my book shopping spree. Real life is actually more interesting than ever but the allure of spring 2008 anime is too much to resist. So I’ll be blogging about it but not so soon.

Actually I was quite disappointed when releases of both the raws and the subs slowed to a trickle at the start of the spring anime season. I had already decided that watching raws first then subs later was a waste of time given the various side-projects I have. As such I have not yet finished checking out the shows on my watch list for spring 2008.

As for the Gundam 00 post specials I not only lost steam but got sidetracked big time. In my boredom while waiting for the latest releases I decided to pop in a disc of a series that I ignored for a long time. The name of the series? Crest of the Stars.

Admiral Spoor

Admiral Spoor: my favorite character of the series

I was captivated by the world of the Abh after 2 episodes. For days I could not stop thinking about the show and proceeded to watch Banner of the Stars I and II, in between trying to catch up with the spring shows. Gundam 00 was completely forgotten and ignored, and so was the blog. ^_^;

Anyway, I hope to bounce back once ‘Abh-fascination’ fever subsides a little.

Till next, ja! 🙂


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  1. @TA

    Craziness and brilliance at the same time. I want to see more Spoor but I’ll just have to settle for re-watches. WAIT, that’ll surely derail my blogging schedule… *sigh*

  2. Ate? Noooooooooo!!!!! Don’t make me feel so old. ^_^;

    Actually I decided to check out recent writers–which meant books published in the 20th and the 21st centuries lol. I decided to buy less classics because copies can be found online.

    So I got Atonement from Ian McEwan, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, The Joy Luck Club from Amy Tan, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick, to name a few. I actually also got DH Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover–I think you would like this if only for the fact it isn’t so long.

  3. But you’re older than me!

    Anyway, I hate D.H. Lawrence. I read his The White Peacock and it was so boring and long-winded! I heard Atonement is a really sad novel. I have avoided contemporary literature so far, as I still haven’t read a whole of novels.

  4. Perhaps you read the wrong book first? Hehehe.

    One technique I’ve decided to adopt in choosing what to read is to get the ‘best’ work from a particular author. It helps me avoid disappointment, and Wikipedia is always there to assist. Also, getting the more famous works is a good way familiarizing with the author’s writing style.

  5. You’ve just reminded me of how much I admired Spoor’s character (and enjoyed CotS overall). I’m holding out for a UK release of the Banner series, but in the meantime might pick up the novels that Tokyopop have so helpfully decided to publish.

    Gundam 00 bored me senseless, but Macross F seems to promise everything that I wished 00 could be.

  6. Spoor is indeed crazy, but her skills are matchless.

    Also naked Spoor on the cover of Banner of the Stars Manga Vol 2 :3

    Also she doesn’t have young men (or women) fall for her. Unlike a certain Red Comet who always breaks the hearts of females around him…

  7. Hmm. McEwan is one of the few living authors I enjoy. I quite liked Atonement, but I think Saturday is his best novel.

    @ DrmChsr0: [fanboy]It’s an unfair comparison: Char’s not a commander, he’s a pilot (even in CCA).[/fanboy]

  8. @Martin

    >>Gundam 00 bored me senseless…

    Indeed, for all the supposed realism, it all still boils down to how entertaining a show is.


    Naked Spoor?!

    Well, I doubt there’d be many who’d fall for Spoor considering her personality. ^_^;

    @The Animanachronism


  9. Have any of you heard of Alan Hollinghurst? I wanted to try his novel, having seen The Folding Star in a second-hand bookstore, but it was purchased recently. It was pretty expensive for a second-hand novel at 280 pesos, so I did research on him and realized that he was short-listed for the Booker and won it with The Line of Beauty.

    I believe I was lucky, though. The novel being bought didn’t allow me to spend 280 PHP on the novel, and so I saved money. I just bought expensive shampoo instead (:P), and will borrow the novel from the library after I’ve cleared the required novels in the course.

    Yeah, I know this is a rant in someone else’s blog! But as McEwan has been mentioned already, I just wanted to know if any of you were familiar with Hollinghurst.

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