Spring 2008 Anime Progress Report: Axed Edition


This latest axed edition is unique for one reason: this is probably the first time I’d had to drop so many shows because I can’t find the time to watch them!

  • Golgo 13

This was dropped because of lack of interest. Frankly, I’d rather watch live-action spy movies.

  • Junjou Romantica

Why do they have to have ‘yaoi action’ almost every 5 minutes or so? Boy do they really ‘get to the point’ fast. And everything got old for me after two episodes. So much for my foray into yaoi.

  • Mnemosyne

Dropped after 3 episodes. I was unfortunate to have realized this show wasn’t for me. I actually lowered my standards for this one and the time when my brain couldn’t take it anymore finally came. It’s not that I couldn’t take the gore etc etc, but the lack of a really interesting story was what did the show in. Too bad it’s really Shigurui I couldn’t stomach…

  • Nabari no Ou

I really liked the antics of the main lead and the animation, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time for another ninja caper. I suddenly realized multiple episodes of Naruto were unwatched in my hard disk and sadly, not enough motivation yet to watch. Dropped after 3 episodes.

  • Nijou-mensou no Musume

Dropped after 3 episodes. I was actually planning to watch this show till the end because the premise was interesting. Unfortunately I need my time for other RL activities and I do need to prioritize. So long, Chiko. Perhaps we can meet again after the JLPT exam? Hehehe.

  • Soul Eater

Another interesting entry about death gods from this season. But the first episode did not do enough to hold my interest. It also seems not to cater to my taste, as I’ve already dropped Bleach–another anime with a similar, though more serious theme.

  • Special A

I liked the idea of this series because it reminds me of Ouran. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give me the same laughs and I find the humor lacking/not too funny at all. Dropped after 2 episodes.

With that, the 15-show watch list was now trimmed down to 10! (Counting only shows dropped after 2 episodes.) And that’s only the active watch list, as I also have about 10 (old and new) shows on hold. I’ll write about the rest of the Spring 2008 anime watch list after I’m done with the screen shots, which is the no. 1 thing that delays my posts. 🙂

Edit:  This is my 250th post.  😀


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  1. Just a note: contrary to what everyone seems to think, Nabari no ou is really nothing like Naruto except that both deal with ninja – okay, some say the subplot about Raimei and her brother reminds them of Naruto, but even that storyline gets resolved faster and in a very different way. And Nabari no ou isn’t a long, endless shounen fight show, anyway. So if you’re ever inclined to give one of these shows another chance, I recommend continuing Nabari no ou – if it turns out anything like the manga it’ll be definitely worth it.

  2. @kuromitsu

    >>some say the subplot about Raimei and her brother reminds them of Naruto,

    That’s an interesting little spoiler there hehehe. I’ll keep that in mind just in case the summer season isn’t as loaded as this one.


    I just realized how little I post now. ^_^;

    By the way, Mnemosyne doesn’t feel like a spring show. In that case, it’s the odd one out.

  3. Special A shouldn’t really be compared to the awesome and superior Ouran, or the end result will be that of disappointment XD But I was already pessimistic about Special A when it aired, so I dropped it after watching episode 1 ^^;;;;

    that said, I think I only have less than 10 shows I faithfully follow in the Spring lineup now… I also had to put Nabari no Ou and Nijuu Mensou on hold because it’s just too much D:

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