Spring 2008 Anime Rankings

It’s another post! This blog is alive! In lieu of the usual anime progress report.

#1 Code Geass 2 (at 5 eps)

Code Geass continues to be as entertaining as ever. I’m actually puzzled on reports that its ratings are low. I hope they don’t cut this series short because of the low ratings. That would be the greatest tragedy of the year.


That facial expression is priceless

#2 Macross Frontier (at 5 eps)

The first regular episode was not as good as the promo, but still awesome. My greatest relief is that so far, it hasn’t shown signs of degenerating into something sillier. But then I wonder, will things suddenly turn really serious as it did with the original series?

#3 Kurenai (at 5 eps)

This show is my surprise of the year. I avoided watching this at first because the keywords that stood out for this show were ‘bodyguard’ and ‘loli’. Anyway I’m so glad I gave this show a chance because Murasaki is so cute and lovable. She’s like the second coming of Pino, except that she’s more intelligent and funny.


How can you not love this kid?

#4 Xxxholic Kei (at 5 eps)

More Watanuki goodness. The show is only slightly better animated but our boy Watanuki’s adventures are getting better and more interesting. This should have rated higher but the strength of this season’s shows are one of the best if not the best I’ve seen in the almost 2 years that I’ve been blogging.

#5 Itazura na Kiss (at 5 eps)

Another surprise show. It’s very funny and is the successor to the slot vacated by Lovely Complex.


The funniest couple this season

#6 Allison to Lilia (at 4 eps)

Doesn’t have that atmosphere that Kino no Tabi has but still good enough. I’m watching this only because I like Allison and she’s cool because she’s a pilot. 🙂

#7 Library Wars/Toshokan Sensou (at 4 eps)

While trying to understand how the world of Toshokan Sensou worked, I found it quite absurd that they’d be at a state of war because of books and the war just centers around libraries/certain places. I thought it’d be more complex than that. It was a little disappointing but then I decided to lower my expectations for this show and just observe how the relationships develop.

#8 Vampire Knight (at 2 eps)

I’m still not quite impressed with the show as I am still waiting for the basis of the hype around this show. But I’m giving it a chance because I don’t want to read the manga. I’ve already learned my lesson with Claymore. ^_^;

#9 Himitsu Top Secret (at 3 eps)

This is one of the rare times that the animation bothers me. It’s just not crisp, but feels dull. However, the siscon and BL just makes up for it a little. 😀

#10 Real Drive (at 3 eps)

Another show where I was a little disappointed. I don’t know why, I’m getting more picky these days. I’m still not finding the characters to be really interesting, neither with the story . Or have I just been expecting new sci-fi shows to be as dramatic as Terra E or as mind-boggling as Ergo Proxy? Hmm…

As for the over-all rankings, I’m still not ready to update because it’s only been a month into the new season. As for further postings, I just hope my side of the world gets cooler days and hence more time to spend in front of my PC. I’m actually itching to post more these days, and that’s a good sign for this blog.

I guess that’s it for now, because I need to sleep early. Till next, ja!


10 thoughts on “Spring 2008 Anime Rankings

  1. flou

    While the CG ratings are low in the Kanto region, they’re pretty high in the other regions, so it should be fine. In addition, if you’ve ever seen the DVD sales, they’re pretty incredible (CG is one of the best-selling anime series of all time) so things should work themselves out.

  2. @flou

    That’s a relief. =p


    I haven’t seen it yet. I haven’t even finished Kaiba ep 01. There’s too many shows to watch this spring. ^_^;

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