Macross Frontier 01


I’ve been itching to post something, anything, these past few days, but I can’t seem to finish even something that looks like an editorial or a series review. That’s why, behold, the return to episodic blogging! Yes, I am bored at this moment in time.

Before I continue this rambling, a note: I’m doing this to document my thoughts, this is not meant to be a true episode summary.

First off, the things I liked about episode 1.

  • The OP passes my standards. It is catchy, memorable. With a first line like “Who are you going to kiss?”, how can that be not memorable? LOL Anyway it is way better than the OP of the first series. That one actually puts you to sleep.
  • I like Sheryl. When I re-watched episode 1, for the first time I realized it was better for them to have put in more scenes from Sheryl’s concert. I’ve read about some complaining about the fanservice–but she’s a star! She’s a famous singer! As much as mecha are part of Macross, so is the music. It was also a good way to showcase the advanced technology of the time, compared with the original series. Sheryl’s behavior does not bother me–real life divas are probably worse than her.
  • At first I was disappointed with Alto as the main male lead. After 5 episodes, however, I’ve warmed up to him. His recklessness at Sheryl’s concert also reminded me of Ichijo in the first episode. He flies over Focker, and I see the same love of flying in Alto. When Alto goes inside the cockpit of the VF-25 for the first time, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is it. Go get ’em!’
  • The fights are awesome. I’m drooling over everything–from the cool planes to the Frontier fleet to the nasty Vajra (the new enemies in this series). The CG blends quite well (at least for me) and I hope the quality of the animation and the fight sequences don’t degrade that much.

The nitpicks

  • The promo episode was way better over-all, though the regular episode had Alto’s kabuki background more emphasized. I hate how they took out the new rendition of Ai Oboeteimasu Ka. Perhaps they were having copyright issues?
  • Ranka is too small. I hope she grows up lol.
  • I hate Luca and his cheeks.

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Only back views as fanservice for the original series fans T_T

When the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on re-watch comes along, I might update this post and/or add more pictures. Feel free to comment but I will delete spam. 😀


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