Macross Frontier 03


The (in)famous episode 3. The episode title is “On Your Marks”, but I’m wondering maybe they should have reused the Macross episode 1 title, “Booby Trap”. Or “Boobie Trapped”? LOL

  • One can’t help but feel the Roy Focker incident vibes when Ozma gets wounded. Though thankfully he gets to live on, but there’s the big possibility he dies in a later episode.
  • Alto, Ranka, and Sheryl find themselves trapped in a small shelter. This kind of incident happened also in the old Macross. The difference was that lucky Ichijo had a one-on-one with Minmay first, and then with Hayase later on. Alto had both girls this time. Alto also accidentally sees Sheryl’s breasts. Ranka tries to defuse the situation by offering one of Nyan-Nyan’s buns that looked like what Alto saw earlier. At first I didn’t like it coz it felt kind of silly, but then Macross had silly moments too.
  • For the 3rd episode in a row Ranka’s hair acts like it’s a moving body part. I thought this was just a fluke, but it seems to be a feature. Will future plastic models of her for sale also have this functionality? Hmm…
  • The relationship between Chief Aide Mishima and Lt. Glass is distracting.
  • The truth about Ranka is that she doesn’t remember her childhood because of the trauma of losing her family. And Ozma isn’t her real brother. Nice to have something original about the characters here.
  • Ozma gives Alto 24 hours to seriously think over his decision to delve into the secrets about the Vajra. Alto may look like a princess, but this is one more example of him having more spine than Ichijo. I do wonder if it will also spill over to his love triangle with Sheryl and Ranka, saving us from extended dilly-dallying.
  • The concept of Civilian Military Providers makes sense. Instead of the military wasting precious resources, why not have private enterprise do the dirty work instead, and then choose the best alternative for the military’s needs? Though at this point it seems that SMS is the only CMP in Macross Frontier.
  • Ranka auditions for the Miss Macross Frontier contest. As expected, how else to introduce Ranka to the public? =p

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  1. @Ciupy

    The show is on equal footing now with Code Geass II as my favorite show of the season. Maybe in the next ranking it’ll be no. 1? =p

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