Macross Frontier 05


Star Date. What I liked most about this episode is that we get to see the inner scenery of Macross Frontier fleet itself.

  • I am now afflicted with that phenomenon called LSS. The culprit? ‘Triangular’. After countless viewings I’ve finally warmed up to the OP.
  • Locker room incident is now part of Macross lore, specifically, Macross Frontier. 20 years from now I wonder what future anime fans would think of this. With the original series, Kurogane’s wonder at tuna fishing in space made me chuckle.

  • If there is one thing that is so strange in Macross Frontier that it had to be achieved in reality, I’d like Ranka’s cellphone. And that GUI from Alto’s cellphone too!!!!

  • Sheryl sightseeing around Macross Frontier with Alto is reminiscent of Ichijo’s better days with Minmay, especially in DYRL.
  • There’s a Zentradi mall! It feels a little weird seeing giants made for war strolling in a mall, doing shopping, singing, etc etc. Another surprise are the gigantic cows that look like hippopotamuses.

  • During a secret briefing for survivors of previous Vajra attacks, we learn more about the Vajra, and the possibility that somebody or something is controlling it. The formidable Vajra also shows it can re-activate–as it does when Ranka started singing again.
  • With the challenge from Mikhail, Ranka overcomes shyness and sings. I wonder what her hit song would be when she makes her debut. Her little victory is short-lived however, because she sees Sheryl kissing Alto. The love triangle engine is now accelerating! 😀

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  1. That, and it gives us exposition on the Galaxy fleet… which sounds a lot like the floating version of Communist Russia compared to this one’s San Fran/Western United States and Macross 7’s Sci-fi Europe…

    Plus it gives Sheryl some time to show she’s not just a bitch… which is something that we needed to develop the idea of her (Sheryl) as possible love-triangle material – Alto needs a reason to LIKE her, which this gives him.

    Now Ranka… she’s yet to even step into the ring, love-triangle wise. She’s close to Alto, but neither seems to see the other as a romantic possibility, and Alto knows that if he hurts Ranka in any way, he’ll get executed by Skull Leader.

  2. @TA

    In retrospect this episode was keeping with the tradition of the emphasis of culture in Macross. Basically the episode also updated us on how things are many many years after the first series.


    >>floating version of Communist Russia


    >>Plus it gives Sheryl some time to show she’s not just a bitch

    I wonder why a lot of people see her as a bitch. Is it because they see her as the Second Coming of Minmay? Or is it because she’s a galactic superstar, a diva, and famous ones like that are supposed to be bitchy? I like to think she of her as just ‘driven’. And yes this episode was good for bettering her image. Although I think the next episode does better. 🙂

    >>Now Ranka… she’s yet to even step into the ring, love-triangle wise.

    Maybe I should have said the love triangle engine is starting to chug? Hehehe

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