Macross Frontier 06


Bye Bye Sheryl. With this episode, Macross Frontier overtakes Code Geass II in my rankings. Code Geass II is good entertainment, but Macross Frontier and its music is just…beautiful.

  • Ranka gets an agent! (Though the agent looks suspicious to me.) Alto and company celebrate with Ranka, but our princess hero makes a blunder: he lies that he was all alone at the Zentradi mall where Ranka sang. He probably thinks being with Sheryl to be a non-issue. I’m thinking it’s typical guy behavior LOL.
  • The existence of the Vajra is finally revealed to the public along with the plight of Macross Galaxy. And the PR with Sheryl was the right thing to do to galvanize/rally the public into supporting the mission to help Macross Galaxy. Sheryl spoke so well, and rightly so. What is needed in times of crisis is a positive outlook. Not canceling the concert was an act of defiance–it’s loads better than to cower in fear. Sheryl is such a determined individual. 🙂
  • I also noticed that Alto, Mikhail, and Luca are under 18 (though not so sure with Mikhail). These kids going off to war feels like child labor LOL. Even in the original Macross, when the situation was more dire than in Frontier, I never saw kids as young Luca in battle. Well, maybe they can justify that they’re excellent pilot trainees. ^_^;
  • I like the talk between Sheryl and Alto. We learn that the earrings that Sheryl values is a memento from her mother. I’m actually rooting for a Sheryl x Alto pairing.

“Here’s your earring. Can’t say it looks better on you than on me though.”

  • SMS Macross Quarter. The ship was a little surprise. And Lt. Catherine Glass is on it! She’s basically reprising Misa Hayase’s role in the original Macross. I said in an earlier post I missed that tit-for-tat between Ichijo and Hayase. Well, this time it’s between Ozma and Glass. But I still think the original was funny.

Bridge chit-chat just like old times

I wanna see more of this next episode!

  • And then the beautiful part, Sheryl’s concert! It was my most favorite music sequence so far, aside from the one in the promo episode. Now I officially declare myself smitten with Diamond Crevasse. Do I smell an OST purchase? 😀

If they’d make this look better on DVD…

  • On a side note, I noticed something new on the credits: KMU Manila Studio. The names are unmistakably Pinoy. It seems that some Filipinos have also worked on this episode–I wonder what part they did.

Pinoy na pinoy


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  1. re: the Fillipinos – they’re the ones who did some of the animation this time. If you’re wondering why the faces look a little funny in the concert… well, I guess QA wasn’t QUITE up to snuff.

  2. >>re: the Fillipinos – they’re the ones who did some of the animation this time

    I was wondering which scenes.

    >>well, I guess QA wasn’t QUITE up to snuff.

    At least Sheryl’s back view looked ok.

  3. wow I didn’t expect that some of my fellow Filipinos were taken part of creating some animation in macross frontier!

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