The mini-revival and a new collective


State of the Proxy, May 2008

First off, I want to congratulate myself for reversing the April drought of posts. In other words, a sort of mini-revival of the blog. One reason for that drought was real life issues bugging me and the result was that I was not in the mood for anime blogging. (As to what those issues are it’s not really serious but still enough to occupy my thoughts.) Anyway I’m happy now since I’m pretty sure my post count will reach double-digit figures for May. Yay!

It might be noticed that I’ve been posting mostly about mecha lately that I could probably rename this blog Cute Proxy’s Mecha Rants. 😀 For those turned off by mecha posts (especially the episodic Macross Frontier posts), please bear with me. I have been waiting for a really good mecha series since Eureka 7 and Macross Frontier came along. I am big Macross fan, what else can I do but rejoice?

As for my Crest/Banner of the Stars fever, it seems to have subsided. And most of the episodes have already been deleted so I wouldn’t be tempted to re-watch them anymore. On the other hand the series also started a mini book shopping spree that has thankfully stopped. My interest in sci-fi was heightened and I ended up with the Foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov. The first book was epic and I’m on the second one now. I avoided Isaac Asimov in the past but now I understand his contribution to science fiction. 🙂

In other news…

A lot of people may know by now about the Female Bloggers of the Rebellion. Itsubun has announced an all-girls [and women] round-robin and I was surprised that there are more female bloggers than I originally thought. I joined up too and it would be good if those who are still on the sidelines would also do so. The more the merrier. But no traps. For would-be infiltrators, here’s what will happen. XD

I’d also like to welcome back Os, Ten, Anna, Matte, and Newt. In the aptly named Natsukashii Anime Blog, these weathered blogging sempais have banded together for, to quote Os, an “AN EPIC REVIVAL OF THE BLOGGERS YOU LOVED FROM WAY BACK WHEN”. I’m happy these guys are back, and maybe Ten will post another delicious pic of Daniel Radcliffe. :-p

Till next, ja!


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  1. The miniblogging comes and goes, it was around forever. Matthew had onw and tinkered quite a bit with it, but it died before the main blog. I don’t see it going anywhere this time around either. MAL’s idiocy does not help either: there’s no individual feed for miniblogs, only the aggregate. They may provide facebook-style notifications for members, but that’s another walled garden then. Might as well join Mixi in that case! So, I’m not impressed.

  2. @Author

    >>MAL’s idiocy does not help either: there’s no individual feed for miniblogs, only the aggregate

    Perhaps one day they’ll do something about that. ^_^;


    My blog is not dead yet. I get alarmed every time I lose my anime-watching drive and/or blogging drive. And I do what I can to remedy that.

    But then again, I have nothing else productive to do anyway. 😀

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  4. @DJ

    I’ve already watched ep 7 ever since I downloaded the raw. But I haven’t posted about it because I got sidetracked by other things. ^_^;

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