Macross Frontier 07


First Attack. Lovely, just lovely. Best mecha battle sequence I’ve seen for the year so far.

König Monsta!!!

For most parts of the show, I was barely thinking as I took in all the gorgeous sights and sounds that made this episode a delight for every mecha fan. Awesome mecha? Check. Awesome fights and explosions? Check. Awesome pilots? Check. Awesome music? Check!!!!!!!!!!!

As expected from a series in the Macross franchise, an episode like this had to come. Now on to the other interesting points.

  • We get tidbits about Macross Galaxy, specifically at how advanced the technology of the fleet is. Or was. Too bad, we probably won’t get a closer glimpse at it.
  • Sheryl gets more points, for tears and the speech. If those didn’t move you even a little, I don’t know what will. And she knows her job is to sing, and a pilot’s is to fight. Right now she’s my most favorite character in Macross Frontier.

Ooops, my eyes

  • The unnamed blondie in the OP made his appearance. After about 4 or 5 viewings of episode 7, I finally realized his craft was the one making the pink trails just before Alto gets inside the Vajra ship that ‘ate’ Luca. There’s a lot of mystery around him but I think it’s a waste of my time doing speculations.
  • There’s a lot of grunting and shouting, I hope they tone that down in future eps. But I’m not hopeful that’ll happen.
  • Macross Quarter transforms! I go ‘Awesome! Methinks I want a replica of that!!!’ And then I look at the mess of my room and say, ‘On second thought, I’ll pass.’

SMS Macross Quarter

  • I know I’ve said so many times that I’m not picky with animation, but I feel that this series deserves to have a lot of effort to be put into the animation. With that Macross Frontier would blow the competition away. Well, actually I wish they could have made the sequence for this red gown better.

Lady in red

  • But I will not deny the awesome animation of the exploding ships. This one here is for the Vajra ship.

The above is what I call a ‘beautiful explosion.’ 🙂

And now, I’m off to refreshing my fave tracker for the episode 8 raws. 😀


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