Prioritization Matrix: Prioritize your anime!

Do you want to drop some shows but can’t be objective about it? Do you want to learn something cool, something that you can use in real life and not only in matters of 2D? Are you bored??!! Then this post is for you! 😀

As a software developer I have encountered a lot of boring tasks and I have to thank anime and blogging for giving some relief in times of boredom. So while I was attending training my mind was drifting towards anime, and one of the things that popped up was that which series from the current spring selection had the most chance of being dropped, and which ones were to be watched till the end? And then it hit me–why not experiment using one of the concepts I just learned (or re-learned actually), the prioritization matrix?

So what is this prioritization matrix? To quote Wikipedia:

This tool is used to prioritize items and describe them in terms of weighted criteria. It uses a combination of tree and matrix diagraming techniques to do a pair-wise evalutaion of items and to narrow down options to the most desired or most effective.

What does that mean?

It means, to help choose between several options, you use (or create) different criteria that you think is a factor in decision-making. You then assign a ‘weight’ to the criteria. For example, the most important factor for you not dropping a show is its ‘entertainment value.’ So you assign its weight as 40%. Then you assign the next most important factor as 25%, and so on and so forth, adding up to 100%. For our example we rate each option according to each criteria, with 1 as lowest, and the highest as the nth series. Confused? Let’s make an example of my current viewing selection.

As you can see, I have put in 5 factors that I feel are important points to consider when evaluating anime series.

  • Subs – When the dialog is within my Japanese language abilities, I can usually get by without subs. Cases include Maria-sama ga Miteru OVAs, ARIA the Origination, and other easy to understand stuff. However, there are times when subs are needed for better understanding, such as in the case of FLAG, School Rumble Ni-Gakki, to name a few. So the availability of subs is a factor in what anime I get to watch.
  • Entertainment value – This is is self-explanatory.
  • Adherence to standards – No matter how funny or popular a show is, if the animation isn’t good enough, or you hate how there is a panty shot every 3 minutes, then the show is probably going to be dropped.
  • ROI – Return on Investment. It’s like this, you think about the future of this anime. After sitting through an 8-hour marathon session, can you talk about this anime with your friends? Or online anime fan/friends? For bloggers, it;s much more simpler: can I blog about this? If I blog about this will readers flock to my site? LOL
  • Interest – Usually this is what intrigues you about an anime series. Are you interested in sci-fi? Giant robots? Is there a big hype surrounding this series? Does the premise look interesting?

Totally unrelated pic, just to relieve the eyes 😀

So what’s next? We calculate a series’s score by multiplying each rating (column) with its weight, then adding it all up.

The result here is a little different from my original spring 2008 anime rankings. Of course there is a difference of about 2 weeks. In that span, Macross Frontier overtook Code Geass 2, Itazura and Xxxholic Kei overtook Kurenai, although the difference between Kurenai and Itazura na Kiss is only slight. Toshokan Sensou dropped to #9, which means that of that selection the former and Real Drive are the most likely to be dropped, if ever. Now on to a more ‘visual’ representation of the results!

Something I found while experimenting with Open Office’s Insert Chart option.

Did you know Open Office had 3D Bar options? But the 3D is crappy so I settled for plain bars instead. As you can tell by now, I actually enjoyed experimenting with the charts. 😀

Interesting Points to consider

  1. The usual implementation of this is ranking through group voting. I just arbitrarily used this for ranking anime because I was bored.
  2. There are only 10 entries for this example. It could get wieldy if say, there were 30 shows on the list. But then again this was just a little experiment anyway. Still it could be helpful if you really want objective rankings.
  3. Looking at the bar chart, after Kurenai, the score drops drastically. So this trend becomes more obvious with a bar chart. That also means there are only 5 shows that I am ‘really’ interested in right now.


  1. Although I hate Microsoft and its expensive products, I have to say Excel is really easier to use than Open Office’s spreadsheet. On the other hand the version of OO that I used was 1.1.5.
  2. Even boring concepts can be made more palatable when applied to interesting uses!

And that ends my post for today. Hope you learned something from this post, or just plain got amused. Till next, ja!


8 thoughts on “Prioritization Matrix: Prioritize your anime!

  1. n00bie. :p You should’ve used SSRS—SQLServer Reporting Services—for the graphs and charts and tables.


    I’m surprise A-to-L ranks higher than Himitsu and Toshokan on your list.

  2. Wow, Toshokan Sensou is doing so bad.

    When I first saw “prioritization”, I actually thought you would be talking about a laziness-proof strategy to conquer the backlog XD

  3. @bakaneko

    I don’t have anything like that installed. And even with MS Paint you can make awesome graphs. Just look at lolikit’s. =p

    >>I’m surprise A-to-L ranks higher than Himitsu and Toshokan on your list.

    I forgot to add that I’m still up to episode 3 of A-to-L. Don’t know what’s happened since then.


    >>a laziness-proof strategy to conquer the backlog

    If there’s anything that’s laziness-proof, I wanna know about it too! 😀


    I’d like to think of it now as proof of ‘application’. It means I was really listening to the lecture! It’s true! Don’t you see? XD

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  5. @Kitsune

    This is the first time I’ve heard about MAUT. It might be useful learning something that too but wow scanning at the wiki I think my brain just melted. ^_^;


    Now you’re calling me madam? @_@

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