A long history of an anime blogger


This blog is now 2 years old!

It’s unbelievable how time flies. Almost 3 years ago I bought my first desktop PC, then several months later after that purchase I had a DSL connection installed. And then the itch to blog came. End of story? Actually, that was the short story. If you want to know the long story, read on.

My journey to being anime blogger was not entirely brought by my own inner drive as an anime fan. In fact, I view myself as somebody on a second wind as an anime fan, a revival of my interest on anime as something almost miraculous. Why?

I started watching anime as a child way before ‘anime’ as a term was popular. Then everything was just cartoons, or so I thought. I can even tell you a history of anime I watched then but that would be boring, wouldn’t it? Anyway, if I finally get enough motivation and time I’ll write something along that line.

So yes, back then, I was crazy about anime. The highest point came when I was in high school, and when I think about it now it’s embarrassing. (I’m still debating myself whether I talk about it here or not.) When I went to college the flame was still there. I can still remember waiting patiently in front of the computer for Yu Yu Hakusho images to load from what was known then as the World Wide Wait. 🙂 Blogs weren’t ‘in’ then, but Geocities, Angelfire, Anipike, to name a few, were. Netscape as a browser was still alive then. I sound old, ne? lol

And then came the day of graduation from college.

The harsh reality of unemployment was enough to not think about anime anymore. Sure I’d catch glimpses some of them on cable TV, but I never was interested as before. For several years I stopped being an anime fan. And then I got a new job.

There I found anime fans who introduced to me fansubs. I don’t remember what the first series was that I watched as a fansub, but I do remember getting introduced to Full Metal Alchemist. Back then, I thought to myself, ‘Finally! Something different from Dragonball!’ A little flame was ignited. And then came Gundam SEED Destiny.

If you didn’t notice it from my categories (or my recent posts), I’m really a big mecha fan. I liked Macross then in the form of Robotech (the first part only), I liked Gundam Wing. And so it was natural that I got hooked into Gundam SEED Destiny, before the 2nd half deteriorated into a pile of shit. But despite the sad fall of a show that had huge potential in my eyes, the little flame that was ignited grew. It was around that time that I discovered blogs. I humbly admit to constantly visiting Gunota Headlines for spoilers to GSD.

I also hate to admit that Fate/Stay Night was another anime that led me to blogs, with my great dislike for its lead character. But it led me to discover Random Curiosity, and from his blog roll, I discovered other blogs. And then I thought, why not blog myself? My English was competent and with blogging I finally get an outlet for my thoughts about anime.

Before I finally forget with the passage of time, some of the blogs I liked to read then were Cinnamon Ass for his Ergo Proxy posts, jpmeyer’s old blog on WordPress before he moved, and Hopeless Sensei’s Anime Blog. Hopeless Sensei’s blog was my most admired blog, which I stumbled upon when he was still on Blogger. (And it was either him or maya of Itsumo Anime Blog who first linked to me–I really don’t remember anymore.) My first blog was also on Blogger, but when I tested WordPress I liked its ease of use immediately. So I followed Hopeless Sensei and moved to WordPress. It’s sad to think now that my blog has outlasted his blog. (And this, this, and this.) For some interesting trivia, I dug up jpmeyer’s post that mentioned other blogs also hosted on WordPress. I’d like to think of them like ‘batch mates’, the class of 2006, the year of the great anime blog expansion.

If you’ve reached this far, congratulations! 😀

I write this long post because 1) I’m feeling nostalgic right now, 2) I also wanted some reminder of how things came to be before I forget, 3) I finally fulfilled that promise to myself that my blog would reach its 2nd year anniversary. I have taken great care to avoid that dreaded anime/blogging burnout. I love anime, but like what happened when I graduated from college, I don’t know when I’ll lose interest again. And deep inside me I dread, that the next time I lose interest in anime, it might be for good. So for now, even if my blog isn’t the best written, I’ll enjoy this corner of the web, my space on this web, for as long as I can. And I thank those who read this and will continue to read this blog. May we all continue to enjoy anime as a hobby, as an interesting part of our life, whatever. Ja! 🙂


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  1. Congratulations! I remember Hopeless Sensei too (not just his wordpress.com blog but the Attack of the Pink Robots too). I often wondered what happened to him – like you, he got me onto WordPress as well. Funny, that.

    Anyway, well done on another milestone and here’s to the next two years! It’s always good to see fellow Macross fanboys and fangirls around… ^_^

  2. Thanks guys! 😀


    >>like you, he got me onto WordPress as well. Funny, that.

    Wow, I didn’t know that. The only other one I know is Karura.

  3. @absolute0





    >>love reading your posts because they’re straight to the point and so easy to read

    I’m so happy to hear that. 😀 I try to write in the most efficient way possible so that it results to shorter paragraphs. I can’t stand reading long texts (on a PC) myself. ^_^;

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