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What was I doing while I wasn’t concentrating on anime and anime blogs?  I’ve got something to share that I hope might be useful to readers out there.  But be warned, this is not really anime-related.

So earlier in the year I got the realization that I was living a passive life.  So I set goals to guide me in my future actions, namely:

  • Financial security

I’ve stumbled on a new area that I’ve never heard of before when I was in college:  personal finance.  As I read less anime blogs, I read more personal finance blogs.  They’ve been very informative, even though most of them are US-based blogs and some of the concepts may not apply to a Third World setting (specifically a Philippine setting).  My favorites are Get Rich Slowly and The Simple Dollar.

  • Live healthier

Most of my attention right now is on losing the weight I gained after graduation.  It’s been said that health is wealth–but let me add that if you’re exercising and eating healthy foods you’ll feel much better.  So the benefit is not merely physical but also mental and emotional.

  • Self-improvement

Why do I need to improve myself?  I look at this now as investing in oneself.  Investing in yourself is never wrong.  Not only does this equip me with knowledge and skills I need to accomplish my goals of the present, it will benefit me for the rest of my life.

In the course of trying to find more direction I derived inspiration from 3 people, namely:  Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, and Peter Drucker.

You probably know Steve Jobs of Apple.  His 2005 speech at Stanford is a very inspirational read.  Actually I read it years ago but I ‘discovered’ it again this year.

Warren Buffett is one of the 2 richest men in the world.  His words of wisdom can be found on Youtube.

Last but not the least, Peter Drucker.  Peter who, you say?

I won’t explain in detail but, his piece titled ‘Managing Oneself’ is the best article I’ve ever read this year.  It is full of really helpful tips that sometimes I think it should be recommended reading for all college students.  (Read an excerpt on it at Harvard Business Online.)

There you have it, the other things I’ve been up to when my mind’s not on anime.

So what about you, what have you been up to?  I’m also particularly interested in what other ‘working otaku’ have been doing as side projects.  Also, are there BS Economics graduates out there?  I’ve been thinking of going back to school in a couple of years, and BS Economics is one of the courses that seemed interesting.  Any advice?  Thanks!  😀


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  1. I’m always very skeptical, cynical even, of online business courses, online courses in general, “self improvement”, and commodifications thereof. Not to say they’re always bad, but, well, that’s my endless cynicism.

  2. lelangir is well-suited to academia . . . I haven’t been up to much, finished a year of uni and am having my holiday. Self improvement for me usually consists of reading more books (a goal I refer to as Read or Die) so that’s what I’m doing.

  3. @lelangir

    I’m not talking about online business courses. I’m talking about really going back to school. But that plan still depends on time, and most especially, availability of funds. 🙂

    @The Animanachronism

    Me too, self-improvement for me is still in the reading more books stage. 🙂

  4. What lelangir said. Most of those “get rich” things are pretty much bull-shit in my eyes and give me the creeps *cough* After spent a year taking finance classes at a business school, I think finance is pretty much 100% a question of statistics, probability and knowledge of the market.

    Self-improvement for myself mainly consists in trying to achieve more, hm, self-discipline in the things I am planning to do.

  5. Oh god, sorry, I just completely misinterpreted your last paragraph. I suppose I qualify as “BS Economics” person, but what is it exactly that you want to know about it? Uh, feel free to write me an e-mail and contact me over IM, or something. (Most of the times, I’m also on the usual IRC channels.)

  6. @Sasa

    I’ve recently become a fan of Warren Buffett, and I’m thinking getting a new degree might help me earn more money. To spend on stuff j/k 😀

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