The return to blogging…


…begins with the brief warm-up post.  Anime Progress Report 07-13-2008.

So even though I wasn’t blogging, I still managed to finish 2 shows, namely:

  • Kurenai – not too satisfactory ending for me.  I’ll try to find the time to make a proper review on this one.
  • Shion no Ou – the criminal who killed Shion’s parents gets caught blah3x.  Another probable topic for a post comes but my brain is still reeling from lots of ideas (a lot also not related to anime) that I don’t know if it will ever get posted.  But in short I found the series average, in spite of having enjoyed it in the first half.

I have some good news:  I have only 4 more episodes to go with Mobile Suit Gundam!  Yay!  I’m so happy!!!  😀

The downside is that I still haven’t started on anything yet from the summer anime–not much subs anyway.  But I’ve started on Someday’s Dreamer season 1.  Too slow with the first episode but once I finish other shows I’d probably be able to marathon this.  The only remaining problem would be finding the time, what with all my personal side-projects taking up most of my attention.

I hope to post more in the coming days, so stay tuned!


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