Anime Progress Report 09-28-2008


Oh wait–I’m not finished yet! lol

Heroic Age * Mobile Suit Gundam * Memories * Freedom * Last Exile


The major thing that rescues this series for me is the futuristic setting.  I mean I like those things they race on, the technology of Eden, etc.  Maybe it’s just me that can’t appreciate the characters.  I dunno why.  A case of ‘my anime should be deep’ mentality?  LOL


I liked the first one, ‘Magnetic Rose’.  They could have made it scarier and have the guys hallucinate, and then aliens come in…Wait that’s another story.  Out of the 3 stories, this one was the best.  And they could have stretched it more into a full-length movie you know–I could see the possibilities.  Too bad.  But it was really eerie.  I really liked it.  On the other hand, ‘Stink Bomb’ might have sought to lighten the mood.  It’s funny as a random concept, but just as that.  At first I failed to see the point of ‘Cannon Fodder’, but at the end I could see some promise.  A life living in a constant state of war–I think it’s a good subject material that can be tackled in a full-fledged anime series.  Is there any anime that’s like that?  Recommendations, anyone?  🙂

Mobile Suit Gundam

This series deserves a post by itself, but since I’m not in the mood for it this mini-review will have to do.  Over-all:  Boring.  It took a lot of effort going through it.  I’d say that Voltes V would have been more entertaining.  But then again, you have to give the series some credit.  It has a more complex story than Voltes V after all.  But now I’m solidly sticking with Macross as my favorite mecha franchise.

Heroic Age

I have to give this series the credit of having awakened me out of my anime-viewing (and blogging) slump.  The grand scale on which the series does things–the universe as the stage, a princess for the heroine, large scale destruction of planets. thousands of extras dying (lol the poor fellas), and most of all, the big Nodoss fights, all these got me wanting more at the end of the show.  I was itching to write about (but never got to hah!).  But it made me go through my pile of backlog once again to look for something that might come close.  And that led to…

Last Exile

I finally got to watch Last Exile.  Though this one happens on just one planet, not the kind of universe-wide destruction I was looking for.  But I was treated to old-style warfare on flying ‘big boats’, and it was enough to satisfy my cravings.  But I’m still confused about the Guild though, and didn’t feel that much affection for the lead character, Claus.  But I liked Sophia and Alvis.  Alvis looked so cute when I watched the series.  Now I think maybe because I felt a Hagu resemblance.  😀

I would have like to add the Aquarion OVAs but I got bored near the end of the 2nd one, I haven’t had the interest to finish it yet.  I’ve also started on Zipang (more war and boats!), but there’s some trouble with the transcoded video and it’s still on hold.  For now.  (By the way, I don’t like the new Add Image function of WordPress, I had to redo some of the links in my previous little Zaku post.  So I’ll become even more lazier in posting pics, like in this post.)


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  1. Last Exile is an enjoyable series, and at the time I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode as soon as it came out. I was disappointed by the ending, though. I guess I was just expecting a more dramatic conclusion. I still love the ED, though. 🙂

    I have yet to watch Zipang, too. If anything else, anime is a good distraction from the disappointments of life. x_x

  2. @absolute0

    Yes, such a wasted sacrifice. It would have been better if Dio died going up against his sister–to have him freed of his sister’s tyranny.


    >>If anything else, anime is a good distraction from the disappointments of life. x_x

    That’s why we can’t stop watching, right? Hehehe

    >>I was disappointed by the ending, though.

    Truly the ending could have been better, all I cared about at the end was what would happen to Sophia.

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