It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s a post!!


Lame attempt at a catchy title aside, behold!  I managed to squeeze something out of my brain filled with thoughts of JLPT and other mundane matters not related to anime.  State of the Proxy, September 2008.

Even though I’m really finding it hard to summon the willpower and concentration needed to do a review or article approaching a decent level, I’m glad that I can still find the time for some anime.  Most of them are ongoing, but my favorite so far is Natsume Yuujincho.  I watch it as soon as I can.  Which means I’m really enjoying the show compared to Macross Frontier, puzzling since I’m a big Macross fan.  (I haven’t seen the ending yet so don’t spoil please.)

In an earlier post, Martin thinks of it as Mushishi-lite.  But right now it also reminds of another anime.  Honey & Clover.  What???!! You might say.  Well, dealing with youkai is also almost on parallel with dealing with mushi.  However, unllike Natsume Y, there is an element that’s missing in Mushishi–hearing the thoughts of our main guy Ginko.  I don’t know if I’m being forgetful, but I don’t even remember a moment in Mushishi where we ‘hear’ what he’s thinking.  Also, Natsume has the added burden of accepting his own ability–is it a curse, or is it a special ability to be treasured.  Probably he’d prefer not seeing youkai at all.  Or will that change in the end?  His personal struggle, if there had been a larger supporting cast, would have made something like Honey & Clover Lite plus Supernatural.  Without the love triangles, of course.

Changing topics, I forgot to mention the thing that’s been posted as a page for quite sometime now (or did I do that already and I instead forgot that I mentioned it?  Hmm).  And I mean the official watchlist page.  I made it more ‘colorful’ by having updated entries in red.  Actually it’s not really a detailed watchlist because I still forgot to include movies and OVAs.  But as far as anime for 2008 is concerned, it’s pretty much updated.

And so I mentioned something about non-anime related stuff but went on about Natsume Yuujincho instead lol.  For laughs, picture me at my workspace with left fist on chin, trying to recall what was it I was going say.  It sucks to start writing a post and then go off-topic in the middle and then forget how to conclude in then end.  Ah, that thing that screws up brains hahahahahaha

I’m not drunk.  Really.

Till the next State of the Proxy post, ja!


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  1. I agree. Natsume Yuujinchou reminds me of Honey and Clover too, because of the stream of consciouness, i.e. we get to hear Natsume’s introspection much like the character’s in Honey and Clover.

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